Revolver Autoflowering Feminized

Information – Revolver Autoflowering Feminized

Genetics70 % indica, 20% Sativa and 10% ruderalis
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield150 grams to 250 grams
Height3 feet to 4 feet
Flowering Time7 weeks
Effectall-around buzz, Stoney yet high
THC Level12 % to 15 %
Growingeasy to moderate


The Revolver autoflowering feminized is not a purebred strain. It is a combination of seventy percent indica, twenty percent Sativa, and ten percent ruderalis. The feminized revolver is a breed between the NY City Diesel and Original White Widow, making smokers experience high booze with numbing the body, that is why this autoflowering breed is perfect for easing pain and stimulating appetite. The feminized autoflowering marijuana can grow indoors and outdoors with a respective height of three feet to four feet and a respective yield of two hundred fifty grams to one hundred fifty grams. It is a favorite among medical marijuana growers because of the difficulty level in growing this strain plays between easy to moderate level with seven weeks waiting for flowering time.

Revolver autoflowering feminized is medium height, making it easy to grow the type of weed if the concern is the space occupation. This autoflowering feminized breed is dominated by indica genetics making the weed have a medium height while it possesses thinner leaves because of the strain of Sativa and ruderalis. Also, the Revolver autoflowering feminized is a favorite among medical marijuana users because it has a reasonable content of THC and CBD due to the genetic strain of indica and Sativa. Despite the low production of buds, growers still use this strain because it develops its buds as fast as seven weeks and comes with a moderate level of THC.

In growing Revolver autoflowering Feminized, both indoor and outdoor methods can be applied depending on the capacity and budget of the grower. Experienced growers will always prefer the indoor method despite the high cost involved in growing this feminized autoflowering weed because first, they have control over the environment of the feminized weed and second, the indoor-grown Revolver autoflowering weed grows more buds and does not grow very tall. For those growers who are cutting down their budget, they employ the outdoor method of growing. To have control over the natural atmosphere of the outside, growers build a greenhouse to regulate and control the light and heat received, ventilation, and protection of their autoflowering feminized weed.