Short Rider Autoflowering Feminized

INFORMATION – Short Rider Autoflowering Feminized

Yield450 – 550 g/m2
Height40 – 60 cm
Flowering Time40 – 60 days
EffectPowerful stone, body buzz, relaxing
THC LevelMedium


Short rider autoflowering feminized is known because of its short height. It is a hybrid that originated from the Top 44 and Early Special. The Top 44 is well known for commercial growth because it can produce lots of strong buds in just a short time. Thanks to the ruderalis gene of the Early Special, the plant is known to auto flower this time. This means that lighting the plant will be an easy task rather than a well-maintained cycle. This is the best for those who have small gardens or limited space in rooms. The quality is also known to be great despite the short time to grow.

This plant is one of the shortest strains ever grown, and the best is that it quickly grows! It is also known to produce average yields upon harvest time compared to other short plants that provide little amounts as well. This plant has lots of dark green leaves that surround the plant and has lots of buds that look snowy thanks to the resins and crystals. The hairs of the plant even have a dash of the color orange. Despite its short size, it packs the good stuff for the smokers out there.

The scent of the plant is known to be perfect in terms of its sweetness in flavor, but it has a pungent and skunky taste. The flavor of this plant is not considered as award-winning, and the scent is just as average as you notice. This plant might not have that ‘distinctive’ and ‘amazing’ taste and scent, but the plant is known to have some nice effects.

It might not be medical marijuana, but this is just perfect for the stoners because it has a powerful stoning effect that will leave you stuck up for minutes. It also has a relaxing sensation that will lock you to your couch, and it also has a body buzz that will keep you active. This weed will never make you feel like sleeping, but the relaxing properties will leave you laying down or sitting lazily onto your chair. This is perfect while socializing or during leisure time where you feel like having fun.

So if you just love to have a weed that can easily grow, and is perfect for smoking all by yourself. Then make sure to purchase Short Rider Feminized seeds in well-known weed stores. Please take note that these will really bloom no matter what light sequence you do, and it will produce female-only plants.