Tangerine Dream Autoflowering Feminized

Information – Tangerine Dream Autoflowering Feminized

GeneticsG13, Afghan and A5 Haze
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield450 grams to 600 grams
Height100 cm to 120 cm
Flowering Time70 days to 75 days
Effectcerebral high and body relaxation
THC Level25 %
Growingeasy to moderate


The feminized autoflowering Tangerine Dream weed is a Sativa dominated marijuana wherein its genetics are composed of three strains namely G13, Afghan and A5 Haze. The Tangerine Dream is versatile marijuana since it can grow both outdoors and indoors. This specific is dominated by the genetics of Sativa making it grow terribly tall at one hundred centimeters when grown indoors and one hundred twenty centimeters when grown outside. Despite its tall features, feminized autoflowering Tangerine Dream is one of the favorites of marijuana growers and users because of its high THC that goes up to twenty-five percent and it gives the growers and smokers a bountiful yield of four hundred grams when planted outdoors to six hundred grams when planted indoors. The growing difficulty for this autoflowering and feminized weed is between easy to moderate and the effects of smoking Tangerine Dream are cerebral high and body relaxation.

For growers, be minded that this strain shows very tall compared to other strains. Make sure that the space you provide your feminized autoflowering marijuana is enough when it reaches its peak height. The issue of growth is not only a problem for indoor growers since outdoor growers can also see the height of the Tangerine Dream as a problem that concerns safety and not space. Growing tall marijuana can cost one his safety. The best solution that you can do to avoid problems is to place your outdoor Tangerine Dream inside a greenhouse and make it blend with other plants that are non-marijuana.

Another issue faced by growers is the sweet scent expelled by the autoflowering feminized Tangerine Dream. The citrus and sweet smell attract insects that can harm and kill your Tangerine Dream. To avoid this unwanted decay and attacks, it would be best to spray insecticides to your autoflowering feminized weed and secure the cleanliness of the place where your marijuana weed grows.

Tangerine Dream autoflowering feminized gained its popularity because of winning the 2010 cannabis cup. The colas of Tangerine Dream are large and tight flecked with red and orange hairs showing shimmering evidence of THC crystals. The weed offers smokers and users a sweet, tangy, and citrus aromas.