Maximum Yield you Can Get from Autoflowering Feminized Strains

autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds

Autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds are a great choice for beginner and veteran breeders alike. This is because they are easy to cultivate and produce a great yield. Depending on the weed strain, the average yield that autoflowering plants produce is about 150 to 400 grams/m2 

Those are great numbers but there is a way that you can get the maximum yield potential for autoflowering strains with just a few simple steps that you can easily follow.  

Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds 

Before you get on to the right way to gain maximum yield for your autoflowering strains, it is best to understand exactly what they are. Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that flower automatically without the need to rely on their photoperiod or light cycle. This means that they grow at a faster pace than regular cannabis seeds and flower depending on their maturity and not on their light exposure.  

Another thing you have to note with autoflowering seeds is that they are all feminized meaning that each and every plant is sure to produce buds that are worth harvesting. They also grow under low maintenance and have short statures making them ideal for outdoor cultivation.  

Maximize your autoflowering strains 

The great thing about autoflowering strains is that you are sure to get a good harvest once they are fully grown. But that is not a reason to just lay back and let things be. There is a way to maximize the yield potential of auto plants even further. And here are some tips on how to do so: 

Choose your auto strain wisely 

Like all cannabis strains, no auto strain is created equal. It all depends on the type of cannabis strain that you ultimately choose. Let’s say for example you choose a sativa dominant strain that comes as an autoflowering seed. Although the yields may be higher than your regular sativa plant, that is not to say that you’ll be swimming in heavy buds by harvest.  

Do your research and choose what type of strain you want to get before ordering. It doesn’t mean if they are autoflowering plants that you’ll get the most yield for your buck. 

Keep your autos as stress-free as possible 

With the fast pace of growth that autoflowering strains have, even the shortest stress time can stunt their growth and cause a lesser yield. This is why it is highly recommended to do as little techniques and such to these plants as possible and leave them relaxed and peaceful to do their own thing.  

One of the best ways to do this is to germinate and grow them in the same pot as they would be in mature. It may seem daunting to inexperienced breeders but this is actually the easiest way to give these plants the best start in growth as possible. 

Another way you can go about keeping your autos stress-free is to not use techniques like bending and ScrOG. They grow in a rapid rate and can be too fragile to bend too much. 

The more light, the more buds 

Even though autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds do not require a set light cycle to bloom, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need light. Like all cannabis plants, the more lumens they get the better weed production they have. The most recommended light cycle is the 20-4 hour or the 18-6 hour schedule. This is normally used for the vegetative stage for regular cannabis plants but for autos, this cycle is recommended to be used from start to finish. 

You can do this with LED if you are growing indoors but HIDs also work perfectly. For outdoor cultivation, it is recommended to start the autos indoors for the first two weeks then transfer them to a warm and sunny environment. You can even grow them outdoors as early as spring since they are pretty resilient plants. 

You can check out more about lighting cycles for autoflowering plants here. 

Watering your autos 

Watering your autoflowering plants are critical to ensuring a great harvest. With its short crop time, there really isn’t any time for you to have to care for sickly plants that are over or under water.  

You can easily invest in a water meter or monitoring device to let you know if the plants are in need of some water. Or you can go the old-fashioned route and base it on the weight of the pots. Either way, you should make sure to drain the water runoff to make sure that they won’t get any root rot. 

Nutrition for your autoflowering plants 

When it comes to autoflowering cannabis strains, they are not the types of plants that require too many nutrients to grow at their best potential. In fact, it is more recommended to use nutrients with these plants sparingly. Even the soil medium for autos are more recommended to be in the lighter side since these plants have the tendency to get nutrient burn if overfertilized.  

There are auto-specific nutrients out there in the market already. Although they are still new, they are steadily becoming the go-to product for auto breeders out there.  

Should you prune autos? 

Throw out the regular cannabis cultivation handbook when you are dealing with autoflowering cannabis plants. There really is no need for all the training methods and pruning that regular cannabis usually requires. The only major technique that you’ll need to master and apply is the Sea of Green Method. Their short stature and short crop time make it perfect for this method.  

Flushing is important 

All the weeks of waiting and caring for your autos can just go down the drain if you don’t flush these plants out before harvest. Even though you’ve used little to no nutrients on these cannabis plants it is always a good practice. Reserve at least the last week before harvest to do this. All you have to do is flush the plants out with pure water or a light flushing solution. You’ll reap the rewards of an untainted bud if you do. 

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