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organic cannabis seeds for sale

A lot of growers and consumers are looking for organic cannabis seeds for sale on any trusted seed banks, and Crop King Seeds are there to offer you the best organic and easy to grow cannabis. When you are using cannabis in any kind of way, you are surely consuming the chemicals that are used to grow or cultivate the strain. And a lot of consumers are smoking unfiltered cannabis, which they can take up a higher percentage of chemicals and pesticides. Thought it is not just the growing process that should be organic or natural, instead the healthy marijuana comes from the seeds itself. 

What Are Organic Cannabis Seeds?

The organic cannabis seeds for sale come from both parents that are organically grown, and these organic seeds can’t be treated with any kind of chemicals afterward. For it to be considered as organic the plants should be naturally grown without any pesticides or chemicals. A lot of vegetables are grown with chemicals after the harvest to improves it’s germination and makes them resistant to rot or molds. Organic cannabis seeds can’t be treated this way. When it comes to cannabis there still no guidelines that are defining the organic seeds. Although the term federally control and the USDA still doesn’t acknowledge marijuana as a legalized crop the word can’t be legally used to describe cannabis. Nonetheless, there is still a couple of organization that is trying to certify cannabis for smokers to identify their healthier nugs. 

The Benefits of Growing Organic Cannabis

If your planning on starting to grow organic cannabis seeds for sale, you should know the benefits of using or smoking organic cannabis. 

  • Better Flavor – chemicals can make the flavor of the buds that can cause a very harsh acidic state that is not good to smoke or use. 
  • Physical Health – you can avoid taking any kind of chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers that can cause health problems or cancer.
  • Healthy Environment – the chemicals and pesticides that are used in cannabis are all getting end up on the water table and soil that ended up killing native vegetation, poisoning wildlife, creating algal bloom, and damaging the soil.

Is Organic the Best Way to Grow Cannabis?

The organic bus is amazing, and there are other ways to grow environmentally aware, healthy cannabis. The word “organic” is very appealing and is very well-known to people right now. Other growing methods such as permaculture and biodynamic gardening methods can create a very holistic view. In avoiding chemicals in growing, these gardening philosophies are focusing on better up the ecosystem and on the soil while growing a crop. 

For example; if an organic cannabis cultivator or grower chooses a packed organic fertilizer for us growing garden. However, if he over-fed his crops, which can easily do, that organic fertilizer will end up draining and will go to the local lakes, where the levels of nitrogens are high that caused algal bloom that is blocking the lights going to the water. The oxygen level will decrease, and the temperature of the lake will increase plants, wish, and microbes will end up dying. 

Here are the TOP 5 Best Organic Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Crop King Seeds

  • Cinderella99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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The Cinderella99 Feminized is an uplifting and extraordinary strain and has an average THC content that can enhance your mood and can give you a euphoric feeling. You will surely love its fruity taste and floral aroma that can last for hours. In its great to grown indoors because of its very compact structure and very short height. The smell of this strain is usually grapefruit and pineapple. It can also have a sharp or rotting meat scent and it has a haze dominant taste that characterizes acid citrus and some floral notes. 

  • NYC Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

An offspring of two hardcore strain, which is Sour Diesel and Afghani, and the NYC Diesel got its unbelievable buzz and kind of potency form its parents’ strain. The NYC Diesel Autoflower has a THC content that reaches up to 14.33%, which is an average range when it comes to THC level percentage.

The NYC Diesel is 10% ruderalis, 40% indica, and 50% Sativa. That comes from its roots, this strain can produce a soothing, relaxing, and calming kind of buzz that makes your muscles and body well-rested with a clear and refreshed mind. 

With its fat buds shining from trichomes oozing and crystals with delicious resin, this plant will make you drool over. This strain can yield 250 grams when grown indoors and 150 grams outdoors.

  • Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Northern Lights Feminized is amazing for the users to have a complete body high and mouthwatering taste. It is also used for medical cannabis testing because it can give the same benefits that the medical professional wanted. This strain is great for many use treatments such as relaxation of the muscles and relaxation. It can lessen insomnia you’re feeling and can clear your mind. It can take away the feeling of depression, stress, and anxiety. 

  • White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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The White Widow feminized has white hair and bright green leave, and this plant can grow over 8ft tall when grown outdoors, and should only stay under 4ft with the hydroponics settings, LED lighting, or with soil. The growing stage is depending on what kind of environment either indoors or outdoors. If you want your White Widow feminized to enter the flowering stage, you need to change the light cycle. Also, the yield depends on where you grow your plant.

  • Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds

The  Blueberry Regular Marijuana is known for its purplish buds and colorful leaves the produce fruity flavor. This strain is great you use for relaxation and relief. Loyal costumers normally germinate a lot of seeds to find out special mother plants that they can easily cut.

Blueberry Regular Marijuana can yield up to 300 grams of shining trichomes which is rich buds. Although you can get 500 grams when you grew your Blueberry Regular Marijuana indoors. The THC level content is fairly considerable and the hight effect is relaxing kind and you can normally look even after some consecutive days of killer deadlines, long meetings, and clients.

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