Overview of AK-47 Marijuana Strain

ak 47 marijuana strain

AK-47 marijuana strain is one of the most famous strains nowadays and it is possible that most cannabis enthusiasts have heard or encountered this certain strain. This marijuana masterpiece surely has won a lot of Nobel prizes due to its component. It offers the finest of both Sativa and Indica effects in one satisfying blend. Its excellent high, dynamic flavor profile and great yields are among the best attributes of this strain. It has won numerous prizes and is often hailed as the best Sativa or the best Indica. 

The Sativa-dominant combination, together with a pleasant mental buzz that leaves you feeling relaxed and imaginative, provides a strong and long-lasting impact that is very soothing. This makes the AK-47 a great attempt to remain active in social events. It is also a great choice for consumers who might need treatment with anxiety or recurrent pain through its pleasant high and its mood-lifting effects.

One notable benefit of AK-47 is its balanced effect, and it is also excellent when it comes to fragrance and taste. Its fragrance predominantly combines acid and velvety scents. But then you can also detect other good flavors once smoked, that includes wood hints and floral notes. What makes AK-47 the favorite strain among others of those cannabis growers because of the simplest and fastest-growing.

The Origins of AK47 Marijuana Strain

It is assumed that the AK-47 descent traces back to the Afghani and Thai crossbreed of the 1970s. However, until around the early 1990s, the strain itself did not come into existence and just saw more development in 1999 so it could grow more standardized seeds.

Mexican (Sativa), Colombian (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), and Afghani were used by growers to produce AK-47s. With 65 percent Sativa and 35 percent Indica ancestry, the outcome was still a Sativa-dominant hybrid. At 13-20 percent, AK-47’s THC content was considered very high back then, but now it is considered average compared to some more latest strains. Her ratio of CBD and CBN sits at a respectable 1.5%. 

It didn’t even take a while to be one of the most famous varieties of marijuana. Due to its various good effects, and its superb flavor and resin development, this strain won numerous marijuana awards.

Why Most Marijuana Enthusiasts love AK-47 strain

  • Great Flavors and Aroma

The nuanced tastes of AK-47 are indeed a factor in why and how the strain is enjoyed by almost all users. She has soft and velvety blends of Kush which she matches with rubber flavors, fruity sweetness, and wood hints. 

The fragrance of AK-47 is strong yet pleasant: it combines earthy notes with zesty notes of pinewood and subtle citrus flavors. The effect is a stinky, quite skunky, and fiery scent which is also alluringly satisfying due to citrus notes.

  • Great Effects

AK-47 is not a strain that could drive you down, in contrast to what its name may imply. It offers ecstatic euphoric effects, with a gentle physical rock, due to her Sativa aspect. As a daytime burden and a fantastic social smoke, which is a great deal of fun to interact with, and so this strain makes it perfect. You could still work while you use it and go on with your day. And it is also pretty calming yet soothing at the very same time, and she keeps you in a great mood.

This renders AK-47 a decent option, regardless of the time of day, whether you want a puff simply to get a great time, or if you want to keep out of discomfort. She is also a favorite among medicinal consumers with its pleasant impact, aiding with chronic back pain, insomnia, and eating disorders. 

  • Good Looks

The AK-47 however, does not form a dense coating of trichomes, unlike many other recent strains. It compensates with its really wide buds due to its form and structure, and some people even equate these two tiny bananas. As this marijuana strain grows, it exports beautiful colors, it’s lime green flowers contrasting with its orange tiny hairs, offering a classy look. Any of the plant’s phenotypes can also turn shades of purple.

AK-47 Autoflowering Varieties

Some growers choose AK-47 auto-flowering variants. Autoflowers, above all, will help growing cannabis simpler because you’re not going to have to think over light changes. At a set of 18-20 hours a day, you can only plant your seeds and simply leave your lights, all the way to harvest. Autoflowers are also great if you’d like to grow cannabis outdoors, throughout seasons, because for flowering or harvesting you won’t rely on certain times in the year. 

Our AK-47 autoflowering variety is growing much quicker so that you can collect or harvest it after planting your seeds in nine to ten weeks. AK-47 plant grows to a compact 60-100 cm, making it perfect for indoor growing, even if there is a problem with space. This strain is only marginally less potent with fifteen percent of THC content than its feminized sister-Royal AK Automatic. This strain will give you the magnificent pleasant high, with only a mild body stone, and satisfy yourself with its very great production of resin and good taste. 

How to Grow AK-47 Marijuana Strain

AK-47 has been the best pick for indoor growers in general, although that’s not to imply you would never be able to cultivate it outdoors. Its rapid flowering period is one of the characteristics which make her a good plant for growers. As it is a Sativa dominant plant, the duration of about sixty days is very brief. If you grow your seeds outdoors, it will take around the same time for them to bloom, and by mid-October, they will be ready to be harvested.

The strain of AK-47 adjusts well to any and all types of growing environments, which also suggests you could also grow it in soil or hydro, and so you can always anticipate excellent results. AK-47 is also a superb plant that reacts quite well to replanting and is also very great at maximizing yield and quality for those who can grow it in a SOG. However, there are two factors you have to be mindful of. 

The very foul-smelling scent is one of them. Therefore if you grow this plant in an area where there could be a problem with odors, try to ensure you have great air filtration in the room

The second one that cannabis growers must be mindful of with the AK-47 strain is that, due to its wide, thick buds and high resin level, it is a bit extra sensitive to high temperature and humidity levels, and mold. You should ensure that your room is well ventilated to prevent the risk of low mold. Whereas if growing outdoors, humidity levels can not always be properly controlled, this can make AK-47 a daunting task in an outdoor setting, particularly in sweltering or rainy climates. 

AK-47 Strain For Medical Patients

This unique marijuana strain would never displease you if you are a medicinal marijuana patient. It is used by some patients to relieve pain. This marijuana strain may also be used by other medical users to boost their appetite and reduce instances of nausea and vomiting. This is ideal to take 3 hits before sleeping especially when you are suffering from insomnia. Because of its soothing impact, it will enhance your sleep routine and offer you blissful nights. It helps to relieve tension and also tends to help with some mental conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression.

Final Thoughts

The AK-47 marijuana strain descent has a strong genetic background with excellent results which have already come to be enjoyed by both medical and recreational consumers. If you enjoy Sativa strains, hence an ideal choice will be the AK-47 marijuana strain.

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