Pink Star Cannabis Strain Review and Growing Tips

pink star strain

Pink Star Strain, also known as Pink Death Star, is the result of a genetic combination of the Cannabis Indica strains, Death Star, and Pink Kush. With the strain’s earthy yet sweet aroma, its users will experience a genuine relaxation while reaching the euphoria of dreamy heights. This is best used in the evening, before hitting your cozy bed and sleep peacefully.

Genetic and Physical Composition of Pink Star Strain

Pink Star is a result of Dutch innovation during modern times, as they aim to produce new hybrid strains of Indica weeds. This hybrid is one of the world’s most popular due to its great effect and medical benefits.

Death Star is a Cannabis strain with 75% Indica genetics and 25% Sativa contents. This strain is a result of the genetic hybrid of another 2 different Marijuana Strains.

On the other hand, Pink Kush has an obscure genetic history. However, they claim that one of its parents is the famous OG Kush strain.

With both of its parents leaning to Indica genetics, Cannabis experts consider Pink Star as an Indica strain, with higher than the average THC content of 18-26%.

Pink Star Strain comes in different flavors- earthy, spicy or herbal, and sweet. However, some of the users reported that Pink Star is only spicy- with tones of pepper and ginger blending in.

This plant has numerous huge cone-shaped flowers attached to narrow stems. Its thick leaves have hues of bright green to vibrant purple colors from lavender to violet, with orange pistils on the side.

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This plant has a high volume of resin, just like most Indica plants do. When touched, a person may feel a sticky sensation yet it leaves aromatic and fragrant odors.

The Benefits and Effects

Because this belongs to the family of Indica strains, users expect to feel sedation and relaxation after use. People, regardless of Cannabis experience are surely knocked down by this strain due to the high THC content. The chemicals that this strain may bring harm to our body, if left unregulated or unrecorded.

People consider Pink Star as a creeper because it takes a while for the users to feel the effects after consuming this strain. Most of the time, users can taste its earthy aroma before the spicy sensation of ginger and pepper with notes of sweetness kicks in.

Marijuana entrepreneurs and connoisseurs sell Pink Star Strain in grams not exceeding than 30 grams. This is due to the strain’s remarkable THC Content and if relatively high volume consumes at once, the user’s body may experience a sudden change of body clock, hampering their daily activities.

After fully consumed, smokers can experience relief from depression, body pains, nausea, lack of appetite, and stress. In higher doses, it can also treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia and other neurologic concerns.

This strain gives a soothing, relaxing relief and euphoric, often leading to sleep. Being tingly and hungry are among its effects, encouraging users to eat and gain weight.

On the other hand, users of Pink Star may experience Drying Eyes and Mouth, Dizziness, Paranoia, and Anxiety.

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User Reviews

Many of Marijuana users regarded the Pink Star’s effectivity to relax and boost joyful sensations. They even want to use this regularly for their medical and recreational means. However, some of the users complain about disappointment with the plant due to unmet expectations, anxiety after use, and the taste during consumption.

As of this time, no celebrities were recorded to try this hybrid strain of Indica weeds.

Growing Pink Star Marijuana Seeds

  • The cultivation process of this plant is similar to the rest of Indica seeds available in the market, especially to Death Star. The plant is short in height, ranging from 2 to four feet in height and suitable for indoor propagation.
  • The strain is good for the screen of green method because of its dense buds and short height. Its flower cycle is up to 63 days or 2 months and 1 week- a bit longer than the other strains of Indica.
  • Pink Stars are best to grow in cold regions ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum to average exposure with sunlight. Like its parents, Death Star and Pink Kush, Pink Star is more potential to hit higher levels of THC when planted to soils with organic nutrients.
  • Organic Nutrients include worm castings, chicken manure, and bat guano. Compost bin, wood ash, and some rock dust help in providing nutritious soil.
  • Be careful in planting this seed because it only applies to experienced growers. The challenge in keeping its quality is regulating the room humidity and moisture.
  • Take note that the Pink Star Strain is somehow fragile and sensitive because of the targeted THC Level, the users want to consume. Not only that, but Pink Star Strains are also vulnerable to molds because of the plants’ structure, that’s why growers must regulate humidity in their indoor or backyard gardens.
  • Lastly, in order for your Pink Star Strain to contain a high THC content, it has to grow in higher altitudes. The higher the altitude, the colder it is, the higher the THC an Indica strain may produce.
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