Problems in Growing Female Marijuana

Problems in Growing Female Marijuana

Growing marijuana is not only the concerns and problems regarding the issues of weather, location and type of breed that you are having. One of the major issue that concerns the marijuana growth aside from the mentioned factors are the gender of the pots. Listed below are some of the problems encountered by growers who wanted female cannabis because of its high THC level.

Mixing up of two genders

There are growers who are aware of the appearance of a male and female cannabis but sometimes, they feel unsecured when they started to see the characteristics of both genders in a single cannabis. This only means that the plant is a hermaphrodite. Growers sometimes take the risk of making the hermaphrodite mix with the pure female marijuana but most of the time, the hermaphrodite pollinates the female pot and growers who are after the buds will not want it.

Growing tall faster than the usual

The flowering stage of a female marijuana comes with a dramatic increase in height. It becomes a problem since some marijuana indoor growers are not prepared for this situation. The best thing to do is to know what breed of female marijuana are you growing and research about the maximum height it will reach to be prepared.

Unexpected pollination

This nightmare happens when first, the grower failed to segregate and isolate the male marijuana and hermaphrodite cannabis from female marijuana. Segregation is not the only key for “no pollination” rule because agents such as wind can transfer the male pollen to the female cannabis so it is better to isolate the cannabis with different gender away from each other.

No boys allowed

Growers, when buying marijuana seeds and marijuana cuttings, are not aware whether the weed that they are growing is going to be a male or female. The reason why medical marijuana smokers prefer the female gender of cannabis is because it has the highest level of THC among any gender. The only purpose of male marijuana is to be an agent for seed production through pollination since its THC level does not have a high hit to the smokers.


Though harvesting is not part of growing, this phase of the female marijuana life is vital since this is the sum of all your hardships. It is best if you harvest the marijuana on time to retain the high level of its THC.

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