Producing Your Own Feminized Seed

produce feminized seeds

Growing feminized seeds are a resource and space-efficient way of having all-female plants all the time. Learn how to produce feminized seeds in your own way using your own skills and knowledge. Growing marijuana is really about pungent flowers, rich profiles of cannabinoids, and trichomes. Only the female flowers can find those wonderful qualities. Getting gardens overflowing of healthy, unpollinated female seedless means containers full of crusty, mind, and body-friendly buns. If you cultivate from clones, the only downer is that marijuana is wired to generate about 50-50% of female and male seeds. It’s just the beast’s nature. You should know the facts about produce feminized seeds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the females could grow from seed, per plant, every time?

Okay, that’s where the feminizing strategy comes into the picture: two methods per time to manipulate the marijuana way to make only females from seed. It’s not every single time, to be truthful. 99% of the time is a pretty big number and could be viewed as completely risk-free for males. The standard practitioner underneath feminization is to force female plants to grow pollen, which is used to pollinate other female plants in turn. The result? The resulting seeds will also be feminized, with no further risk of pollination.

Why Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are highly efficient for growers both indoors and outdoors. Plants that will be thrown away 2 weeks just after 12-12 switch are given no time, area, and resources. Likewise, outdoors in which a large plant could even consume a lot of time and money in upkeep before the flowers show in the autumn, feminized plants are often a great way to reduce the pollination of guerrilla crops.

There are several solutions that can be splattered on female plants to generate male pollen cocoons:  gibberellic acid, benzothiadiazole, silver nitrate, silver thiosulfate, and colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is perhaps the quickest to start making or spring from. It’s indeed non-caustic, non-toxic, and can easily be purchased from a pharmacy, or online. The other alternatives can be dangerous, hard to get hold of, and costly — except for gibberellic acid, that can be discovered in kindergartens but it is not as successful as colloidal silver.

But just for the fun of watching any weird crop growth, grant gibberellic acid a shot. It is a stimulant to growth and tends to make crops stretch and stretch.


Colloidal silver is a concentrated, water-based product that suspends microscopic silver particles. The essence of the colloids means that the molecules would never settle down and can not be removed through normal filtration to produce feminized seeds. Colloidal silver is commercially available, or you could just create your version if you want to geek out altogether.

Make sure that the strength preferably 30ppm, or at least 16 ppm. Lesser than 15ppm generate male sacs with tiny pollen.

First, choose a plant that has the properties you want to preserve. Feminizing clones seems to be the usual practice since Mother’s characteristics of growth, flowering, and resin are already known. Once a clone is well-rooted there is no need for any time of vegetation. Only pot the clone into a small bowl, give it a day or two to recover, and immediately start a 12-12 light cycle. A pollen-generating plant only required to be tiny, because marijuana produces abundant pollen amounts. 

Sprinkle with colloidal silver every day for the plants to be feminized, and if you can manage three times a day. Good soak them. Do it for two weeks and then let the plants grow as usual. After spreading for about 5–10 days, some growers claim-making progress.

Male pollen sacs may grow in place of female calyxes and pistils when sex starts. Male plants ripen somewhat faster than females, and productive pollen can be expected around 3–4 weeks of sexualization. Some growers sprinkle till the plant reveals the sexual development of produce feminized seeds, just to be sure that the strategy worked. 

Once the crops are started spraying with colloidal silver and the pollen is gathered, they start writing-offs—86 and so don’t smoke it. Providing them with a comprehensive rinse won’t work. Colloidal silver is a systemic medication that is ingested through the foliage into the plant and not a topical solution. Be secure, and you have to bin them.


Sinsemilla is a non-natural marijuana condition. It would be rare to find an unpollinated female in the wilderness without human intervention — unless it was sterile. If sinsemilla plants are left to go past their optimal stage of maturation by a number of weeks, the plant realizes that it has not been pollinated by whatever incredible mechanisms nature has bestowed. It will generate male pollen sacs in an effort to self-pollinate as a last-ditch effort at propagation.

That’s not the outcome of hermaphroditism which is genetic or stress-induced. Those who are legitimate male bananas with XX chromosomes. The use of modelized pollen creates only just female seeds with all the gene data from the females without a Y chromosome, though as with the colloidal silver, an unexpected male might appear.

Growing the Feminized Seeds

Classify feminized seeds as you would from germination to vegetable seed, and vine by the flower. Observation is wherever you want the perfect crops for your greenhouse, right now. Preferably, establishing up a special vegetation/flower room where you can grow a number of plants allows your specification to grow room to proceed with the high operation.

Plants that are grown using feminization are homozygous. It can have two effects that can’t be evaluated until the seeds develop. Homozygosity can increase the parent’s dominant or recessive traits in the progeny, so you can intensify features you don’t want and do like. Genetics is strange, strange stuff.

Just as with conventional male to female intersections (which is a heterozygous method), a number of species will have to be grown and the finest picked for the future breeding and mother plants. Hundreds if it is not thousands of new crops can be grown with enough space to pick the best in the world phenotypes.

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