Pros and Cons of Pure Indica Cannabis Strain

pure indica strains

Pure indica seeds comes from pure indica parents and hence is also pure and potent as well. A few indica strains are pure owing to the fact that these were created by combining not so pure indica strains. Whether you’re growing for personal use or you want to learn commercial cannabis growing, you must learn what pure strains are and are there any advantages and possible disadvantages of growing pure indica strains.

Growing Cannabis indica plants is a rewarding experience. Remember the following pros and cons as you cultivate different indica strains:

Advantages of Cannabis indica strains

  • There are a lot of indica strains to choose from

There are so many juicy indica strains available in the market. If you are looking for strains that will calm you down and relax you, there are so many to choose from. And of course, each one of these strains is known for their unique effects and features.

Indica cannabis plants are grown all over the world. Some are cultivated indoors while some outdoors. Some are grown in warm places while some will do well even in colder climates. Regardless of where indicas are grown, these will thrive and grow well and will have the best flavors compared to sativa strains.

  • Indica strains have a more pleasing effect

You must have heard about “relaxing indicas” vs “stimulating sativas.” This is not far from the truth. Generally, indicas are relaxing. This is because of its prominent terpenes and other cannabinoids which are not present in most sativa strains.

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This relaxing effect can range from a calm and cool effect to an overpowering experience that can knock you out. These, of course, will depend on the components of the strain.

And this pleasing, relaxing effect is more than an experience; this allows users to deal with a number of health conditions like stress, anxiety, pain and loss of appetite.

Some indica users consume indica strains to improve self-confidence so they can function during functions and events.  With just a moderate dose, you can enjoy conversing with strangers or engaging in public events.

  • Indica plants are smaller and more compact

Indica cannabis plants are smaller and more compact. The structure of indicas makes these plants perfect for growing indoors. You can grow several small plants inside a grow tent or growing cabinet for personal or recreational use.

Stealth growing is perfect for people who live in areas where cannabis growing is illegal or regulated. It is also a preferred growing method if you are growing in a building or apartment where cannabis is prohibited.

  • Indica plants will flower and mature faster

Indica plants will mature and will flower quicker compared to sativa strains. Some indica plants like the Purple Kush will flower in just 8 to 9 weeks which is the flowering time of some auto-flowering cannabis.

And when you have plants that will flower faster, you’ll be able to harvest earlier and enjoy the fruits of your labor earlier too. With fast-flowering indicas you can grow two to three crops in a year, all indica strains, so you’ll be able to increase your yield in a year.

  • Some indica strains come with the best flavors

The most powerful indicas have strong, earthy and fruity flavors. The aroma and taste actually vary depending on the genetic makeup of the strain. But there’s no doubt that indicas come with the best flavors and aromas.

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Just a few of the best-tasting indicas to get your hands on are Afghan Kush, Pakistan Valley, Stark 47 and Ketama. You will be able to purchase delicious-tasting pure indica strains from a local seed bank or from a seed bank online.

  • Indicas are more relaxing than sativas

Some people can’t handle the stimulating, jittery effects of sativa strains, therefore, they prefer to use indicas that are more relaxing and easier on the senses.

Sativas are stimulating which will make you energetic and euphoric may have unwanted side effects like restlessness, headaches, and paranoia.  Meanwhile, indicas can be used for therapeutic purposes but won’t lead to restlessness and anxiety when used.

Disadvantages of indica strains

  • Indica strains can be too sedating

While some people can’t handle the overpowering stimulation that sativas bring, there are also users that will not do well with relaxing indicas.  The reason for this is the presence of more CBN and CBD molecules in the strain rather than THC.

Some users complain that indicas are too sedating. They are unable to focus or even to do anything because they are too sleepy to do anything. There are also people who want a strain that will wake them up, energize and help crank up their creative juices. Sativas will do all these while indicas won’t.

  • Some people don’t like the smoky dankness of indicas

Another turn off for some people is the smoky dankness flavor of some indicas. Some users prefer the spicy and sweet flavors of sativa and tend to stay away from dank indicas that usually come with a cloudy effect.

  • Some indica plants bear small yields

Because of indicas’ small and compact size, these plants will only grow smaller bud which often has smaller yields.  Dwarf strains, in particular, will only give very small yields. Growers, therefore, use different training techniques to enhance the growth of buds and hence to increase yields.

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One of the most common training techniques for sativa strains is pruning wherein the large fan leaves at the bottom of the plant are cut or removed. This method helps make the smaller, underdeveloped buds located at the bottom or along the inner portions of the plant bigger and denser.

Another training method used to enhance yields in pure Indica weed strains is the screen of green method wherein plants are grown through a screen made of string or metal. The screen only allows the plants to grow up to a certain height and lets the buds through. This ensures that all the buds get equal lighting and every bud gets the chance to grow and develop.

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