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If you’re a pro grower or new grower and you’re planning to purchase marijuana seeds, then the best option for your seeds is from the Crop King Seeds online. The company offers a lot of perfect seeds for any experience level of growers. 

Crop King Seeds have the best cannabis strain for medical purposes, for large yields, high in THC and CBD content, various variety of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid marijuana strain, and perfect for any growing cannabis conditions. Also available for regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds. 

Get the Right Type of Marijuana Seeds

Before you purchase marijuana seeds, you need to put in mind that the price is not an important thing for you to decide. Cheap marijuana seeds are cheap because they have a low germination rate or not viable at all. Mostly, the costumers choose a strain that can produce large yields and has a high in THC and a high or low CBD content as well as the CBN content. 

Regular Marijuana

In spite of being popular with feminized and autoflowering seeds, the regular marijuana seeds still remain as strong in the cannabis industry. The regular seeds can grow both female and male plants and those people who purchase regular marijuana want to preserve genetics through crossbreeding and want their garden to have greater flexibility. 

Top 3 Regular Seeds to purchase marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds


  • Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds
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Blueberry Regular has colorful leaves and kinda purple bud that gives a very fruity flavor. This great strain is perfect for relaxation and pain relief. The costumers normally germinate an amount of seed and find a special plant that is easy to make cuts.

One plant can produce yields up to 300 grams of trichomes, glistening- rich buds. Although you can get 500 grams per plant if you grow your plant indoors. It has a balance solid THC content, that has a  high relaxing effect.


  • Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds


One of the most favorite strain of consumers and growers is the Afghani, that can give a great high yield strain and can make you high for a long time and a very potent strain. With high THC content, this indica-dominant strain landrace can give you a happy and relax high that affects both experienced and new consumers if you want to unwind.

This strain is perfect to use at night, using this indica-dominant can give you a very strong body buzz, that can make you glued in you bed calming and soothing your exhausted muscles. Afghani has a strong flavorful of exotic fruit. It can produce a very large yield that can reach 300 grams when grown outdoors and 500 grams when grown indoors.


  • Haze Xtreme Regular Marijuana Seeds


The overwhelmingly strong smell of the Haze Xtreme is very irresistible. The aroma of this strain is a very unique mixture of various noted that stays for a long time. This is the kind of smell you want to lie in and start your day with.

It has a high THC content that can reach more than 22%. The effect is mainly in mind while it keeps your body pain-free and relaxed. It also has CBN content that is 1%, which can give you give you a psychedelic effect, but it still can make you do your daily routine and have peaceful chitchat with your friends. 

Auto-Flowering Cannabis

It’s never easy growing autoflowering seeds, they can grow into plants and start its flowering on their own in just 2-4 weeks of germinating and can finish in 6-8 weeks regardless of the grow light the growers used. Autoflowering is perfect for new growers and to those who don’t have much time taking care of their plants.

TOP 3 Autoflowering Cannabis from Crop King Seeds


  • Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
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The Sour Girl a feminized autofloweing seed that easy to grow plants, and can greatly grow in both indoors and outdoors settings. It is a very tall plant that is perfect to grow outdoors and when grown indoors the growers should have a vertical area.it can produce a great high yield, and are perfect for new growers. Also, this strain is a long-lasting Sativa effect with mindful high and also great for easing stress and anxiety. 


  • Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


With the combination of ruderalis and Sativa-dominant strain Train Wreck to create a  mind-changing hybrid autoflower. Start your day with a mindful and euphoric high while taking away pains. The dense yet great high-yielding strain that creates resinous, compact buds with the smell of pepper and citrus. The plant mature in just 8 weeks. 


  • Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Northern Light Autoflower is one of the well-known strains in the cannabis industry. This 8 week fast, compact, and dense the most favorite of people. With slight honey-musk and frosted mixed with earthy Afghan undertone, it is also an easy growing plant and favorite of both commercial and connoisseur quality. 

Feminized Cannabis

Feminized Cannabis seeds are made to produce female cannabis plants. These feminized will seeds can only produce quality potent buds so the feminized seeds are great growers who want to harvest selfless buds.

TOP 3 Feminized Cannabis Seeds from  Crop King Seeds


  • Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Sativa Start strains are great for expert growers and can grow both indoors and outdoors environments. This plant is ideal for the grown outdoor environment because of its high height and indoors with a lot of head-height, which has enough area that provides great high yields. This Sativa Star feminized strain can have a long-lasting effect with mindful high and it’s great for reducing anxiety and stress. 


  • Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Sour Diesel strain has a very powerful reputation and one of the most popular strains in the world. This Sativa effect can quickly impart a cerebral energetic high and affects the minds. These strains can grow quickly, especially in the first 3 weeks of its flowering time, and is also a great choice for the “sea of green” set up.


  • Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Sour Jack is the offspring of two famous strains which is Jack Herer and Sour Diesel with a 30% indica and 70% Sativa, it is one of the Crop King Seeds most interesting hybrids. With uplifting body and spirit effect, it has also a great strong body buzz, and can quickly put you on the couch.

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