Buying Marijuana in Ontario: Buying Online VS Buying Locally

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Several locations in the world are now bringing cannabis use back in their respective markets. Even though authorities still place strict rules to the distribution and use of marijuana products, certain areas now have less stringent limitations for the consumption and sale of cannabis. Canadians, for example, buy marijuana seeds in Ontario with lenient decrees at play.

The result of this leniency comes from years of battling it out with certain powers to prove the benefits of marijuana use. Ontario has one of the country’s largest cannabis market, but interested buyers are still left in confusion about buying from online retailers or local dispensaries. Buy marijuana seeds in Ontario weed online shops has a list of distinct benefits, but so does purchasing buds from local brick-and-mortar stores. Take a look at how you can buy marijuana from Ontario to see which path best suits your preferences.

Buying Ontario Weed Online

Interested buyers who to buy Ontario weed online gains one major advantage when comparing the process to purchasing marijuana in physical shops – convenience. To buy cannabis buds and other related products from an Internet retailer based in this Canadian region means you don’t have to worry about travel expenses. Browsing through the inventory of the shop is done at the comfort of your home.

Still, the shop will require you to reveal particular information about yourself before the completion of the transaction. Provide your real name, address, and email during the purchase. Remember, even though Canada now enjoys a more lenient standing regarding the sale of cannabis products to consumers, it doesn’t mean that authorities aren’t keeping a watchful eye to retailers and consumers.

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With that in mind, customers of online weed shops need to create an account first on the website of their choice before they can make a purchase. Reliable Internet retailers won’t sell your data and the site will only keep the information you provide for data-keeping purposes. Also, the site will keep the information for the minimum length of time required by Canadian law.

Pot delivery will be through the services rendered by the Canada Post. It should take approximately one to five days before your package will arrive at your doorstep. You may even opt for discreet shipping as an additional feature to your delivery. Use this advantage to deter the prying eyes of neighbors and potential package thieves that may be lurking around your area.

Once the delivery person knocks on your door, you need to show an ID and place a signature to confirm your identity. If you’re not home when the delivery person arrives, he or she will leave a note with directions on how you can pick up the package from the post office.

Buying Weed from Physical Stores in Ontario

At the time of writing, you can’t buy marijuana from physical retailers in Ontario, Canada. It’s because the first brick-and-mortar stores will open in April 2019. Municipalities only had until January 22 to file for the cannabis shops opening in their borders. The same municipalities can also opt out of the list, but they can’t opt back in unless authorities allow it at another time in the future.

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Hence, interested buyers looking to buy marijuana in one of Ontario’s local dispensaries would have to wait for a couple of months first.

Still, we can gauge the upcoming experience by comparing the task when buying cannabis products from other dispensaries located in other regions. One of the primary advantages of buying at a physical store is you can immediately check for the quality of the products. You don’t have to make second guesses or rely on online reviews to see if the retailer sells high-quality marijuana or not. For example, you can feel marijuana seeds from a local seed bank to check if it’s good enough to grow in your backyard.

However, traveling to these physical stores can become a challenge for certain individuals. Canada’s cold weather may dip to freezing temperatures which can make it difficult for people to head to the location. Online buying may be a better option in this regard.

Ontario officials expect the province to end up with about 500 to 1,000 marijuana stores to open its doors by April 2019. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario run private businesses catering to marijuana customers. Other companies are also interested in joining the market but it may already be too late in filing for a business permit.

It boils down to personal preference if you want to buy weed from online or offline stores in Ontario. If you don’t mind the wait and want to conveniently buy marijuana at home, then choose to purchase from an Internet retailer. On the other hand, if you prefer checking the quality of cannabis yourself instead of relying on online reviews, then you may opt to go to a physical shop opening in a few months.

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