Purple Indica Strains: The Story Behind the Weed Variety

purple indica seeds

If you’re striving after a moment of Zen, calm, peace, and relaxation after a hard day at work, then you’re in the right place. Purple Indica seeds is a wonderful treat with musky scents for a well-deserved break; this sort will help you loosen up all the tension and dive into a good night’s rest.

Fans praised it for having amongst the most psychedelic effects, for its intense relaxing resulting in a painless careless heavy feeling. The good news is that you immediately how the weight of the world pours out of your body.

In line with this, in 2017 scientists from Columbia University were on the brink of cracking the genetic math to make even buds taste delicious. Reviews showed that this charismatic pick works well for the ladies. Let us know more about how these strains came to be and the benefits of it.

What are Purple Indica Strains?

Also known in slang as Purple Kush, Purple Indica strains have proud pure landrace Indica genetics and are notorious to be heavy-hitting, while pleasant and embracing. But numbing too, if that’s the effect you’re looking for on a night off.

It advertises for itself with its sweet, fruity flavors combined with an earthy touch while remaining well balanced. And as consumers love to name it, it is down-to-earth. At a first glance, it resembles of grape scent and its smoke will remind you of a seductive yet not pretentious glass of full-body red wine.

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It seems that once you go Purple, you never go back. This strain is widely popular in Canada, Europe, and the US, being quite widespread in Seattle and LA.

Purple Indica was first popularized by the community of doctors in California, mostly in Oakland, and then quickly spread to Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. It comes from the exotic Hindu Kush mountain chain, being present in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and has 100% Indica parents, Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush.

As we cannot know for sure, it was most probably brought to the US at the brink of the 70s and 80s by military personnel while Pakistan was in upheaval. What’s even more interesting: a team of researchers in Canada led by Andrew Sud was presumably advertised as being the first ones in 2011 who sequenced a draft genome of this Purple miracle-variety of Indica.

This beauty takes its name from its striking purple buds, matched to dark green leaves. And being as boldly flavored as it is, Purple Indica seeds sparkled imitations and another wanna-be’s only increased its popularity, as the Liza Minnelli of Indicas.

How it works

It is considered to be among the strongest Indica strains worldwide, and it takes pride in being pure. Despite the fact that it can work differently depending on the consumer, it usually provides a very deep state of relaxation, for body and mind, and induces calm plus mellow. It drives us directly to the chilling mood and it is safe for beginners.

Used before bedtime, this helps bring healing sleep. So it is safe to assume that you guys will be trading warm milk and cookies in no time. Its properties work well for people suffering from episodes of insomnia or having trouble sleeping.

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It has a long-lasting and healing effect, blissful and gives your mind a break while relaxing the physique; the scent is outstanding and relaxing in itself. Exotic, assuring, heart-warming, and lovely like the summer breeze. Representing the West Coast at its finest.

Benefits of Purple Indica

This strain has medicinal benefits due to its relaxing features, as well as recreational purposes. While it is not used as a remedy per se, it can prove helpful reducing or trumping the following conditions and symptoms:

  • Stress
  • Pain, both chronic or situational
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nerve damage

Mastering the arts of growing Purple Indica strains

They come from a dry and arid environment. So Indicas tend to be short, bushy with the wide coronation and fat leaves and this variety is true to its nature. Despite not being difficult to grow (okay, somewhere between easy and moderate), it will require increased pruning and gentle love, to prevent bud rot.

If you’re looking to cultivate it, you can try it outdoors. As it is going to be versatile, it will probably thrive more successfully indoors. This variety prefers less humid conditions, but humidity will serve well after harvest.

This type will grow no more than 30 inches, will require sunny conditions, and it will take from 7 to 9 weeks for flowering.  In order to gain weight, this variety will need an additional vegetative timeframe. But the good news is that it can be grown any time of the year, without being too picky.

For the purple tint, enthusiasts can treat it to a bit of cold right before harvest. Yet you might not try this too soon, in order not to damage its flavor.

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The Bottom Line

If we were you, this would be a top pick for a cozy night at home. Purple indica seeds unite the benefits of comfort, safety, chilling results, and pain-releasing-effects. This purple variety also works miracles for insomnia and stress-release, as well as for anxiety and mild depression.

Its fragrance and flavor work in your favor, being tempting and perfumed enough to be a warm reward after a hard week or a tensed meeting.

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