How to Check The Quality Marijuana Seeds

quality marijuana seeds

There’s a lot of factors and procedure that the marijuana growers will consider and execute when they want to cultivate a healthy cannabis crop that has the skills on producing a yield with great quality and large amount. One of the factors that the quality marijuana seeds need to have before your start to choose.

There is no question that nutrients, lighting, water, and any other important eternal matter will tell you the quality of a grower’s plant, but make sure that the seeds that they plan to grow are healthy allow their crop to have the great start. 

Better genetics begins with high-quality marijuana seeds. When you knew what you expect to your buds end product, then you’re going to want to make some work on available cannabis strains to ensure your chances are greatly increased. In the end, if you want to ensure you need to use safe, viable marijuana seeds, or you will not get any crops at all! For a reputable seed company, the best place to start is.

How do Quality Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

Decent quality seeds have some aesthetic qualities which can be used to distinguish them from counterparts of low quality. For one, healthier seeds typically have shells of darker colors, of black components appearing brown or grey. It looks a little like a ‘tiger print’ with some strains. Immature crops may appear whitish or green, seeds of this color are unlikely to sprout and grow a healthy cannabis plant. Healthier seeds typically have streaks on their shells and stripes.

Such darker and safer seeds are also harder too, another aspect that shows a cannabis seed’s wellbeing and vitality. Good seed should be strong enough to bear the weight and stay intact when putting the seed between the index finger and a thumb. But seeds that crack or even crumble completely indicate poor health. Minor cracks in the outer shell would mean the seed is fragile and not entirely stable even before this test is finished. Healthy seeds tend to have a wax coating on their shells. Place your seed batch under a decent light, if they are safe they should be showing some kind of shine on the surface.

  • Color and Appearance
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Top-quality marijuana seeds all have a unique beauty that distinguishes them from seeds that are not as good. Tan, brown, or even black are the most viable seeds, although immature crops are lighter colors such as yellow, white,  and light green. Some users even declare that the greatest seeds feature stripe patterns or dark spots and that when held under light, like a fresh coat of wax, there should be a healthy sheen on the surface.

  • Shape and Size

You can distinguish quality marijuana seeds by their size and shape, particularly when compared side by side with other seeds. The larger seeds with the most teardrop shape or symmetrical round are the highest quality, whereas small immature seeds are often irregular in form.

  • Durability and Hardness 

The strongest seeds have a smooth, unpatched surface with a hard outer shell, whereas bad seeds have soft surfaces that crinkle, crumble or crack very easily.

  • Age

If you know how old the seeds are,  you will be able to get a better understanding of how viable they are. As with all genetic information, seeds decay over time, so seeds that are newly harvested are much more viable than seeds that are months or years of age. You should store seeds in a dark and cool place to prevent them from rotting or molding

  • Float Test

The “float exam” is a simple means to verify whether or not a seed is viable. It’s as easy as dumping seed into enough filtered water and see if it has sufficient mass to sink in an hour or two and if so, it’s typically more likely to germinate than floating seeds. You should have done this right before planting the seeds because the saturation of the water will cause seeds to decay or mold.

How to Find the Quality Seeds

The seeds of cannabis emerge underneath the buds themselves, sandwiched between the plant matter and the parent stem. All of these, they are hard to see and have a protective shield to defend against all the drying, curing, refining, and packaging they’re going to go through before they reach you. Of this purpose, seeds manage to thrive at all.

When the seed matures, young cannabis seeds are also covered by a white-green lignin sheath, which can wither and fall down. The easiest way to extract them from the plant itself is to easily find them and gently nudge them with a tiny finger or thumbnail, free of the stems. Free the seeds with scratched or damaged surfaces to discard. The same applies to every immature seed coated with white seed coats.

Veteran growers may want to grow a combination of female and male plants, but most growers, particularly inexperienced ones, do not recommend this. There’s a high risk of unintended fertilization that might destroy an entire crop yield. Use the female plants produce the highest and best.

Fertilization females can still grow a harvest, but the end yield is ultimately much smaller and the buds are packed with seeds. They can mainly supply the seeds needed for the next generation. However, multigenerational breeding is highly complex and goes beyond the reach of what we are going to speak about here. Consider buying feminized seeds from a trade dealer for now. It will speed up the process, and make it much easier to get began if you are new to growing cannabis.

Purchasing Top Shelf Cannabis Seed

Purchasing cannabis seeds takes up a lot of trust. There’s no way to tell what strain you get by looking at the seeds itself. You’re not going to say anything about the genetics except the details from whoever you buy from. This is one of the main reasons you’d want to buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank or company. Random dealers do not really know what strain they have any better than you.

Consider selecting a seed bank or business that provides some customer service when you purchase seeds. Cultivating cannabis isn’t too hard, but because of the plant’s existence, you can’t just ask for help and support from friends and family. Normally commercial companies and seed banks will be eligible for any debugging, as supporting consumers and keeping a good image is in their best interest.

Production of high-quality seeds requires much experience and expertise. The entire collection, testing, and production cycle of a batch of seeds can take up to one year or more. Even, realizing that you are getting the right pain, even in a feminized shape, is worth it.

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