Quick points: Female Medical Cannabis

growing female medical cannabis

Females have higher THC levels which have the capacity to cure certain symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. These are all treated by medical pot because of the THC that relaxes the muscles and other organs of the body. Female medical cannabis can also be the center of production of the seeds if the intention of the grower is to breed new strains. Female medical weed can also be the parent of all cuttings. Cuttings are mostly done with growing female medical cannabis because the clone will surely yield the same gender and the same strain as the parent.

Where does female medical cannabis grow best?

Female medical cannabis grows better when they are grown in the soil rather than growing them through hydroponics and aeroponics. They are best grown in the tropical areas where it is not much cold because although medical weed loves the wet feet, they cannot tolerate the freeze. Seeds can even die due to freezing. They also grow best in the dark or in a much darker place. There are some strains that do not flower until the required amount of darkness is met. Female medical marijuana loves darker places as it can increase the THC content in the buds and the leaves.

What is the caution in growing female medical cannabis?

When you are growing medical marijuana with diverse genders, you need to identify them as early as the end of the vegetative stage. After identification, you have to isolate the males from your female medical cannabis to prevent the pollination from happening. You need to identify before they even flower because pollination can be done accidentally by simply shaking the flower of the male medical pot.

What can you do to increase the THC content?

To better increase the THC content of your female medical marijuana, you need to employ a few advanced techniques to make sure that they are yielding well and the effects of the plant are well harvested and fit the needs of the patients. You can employ Low-Stress Training. These can determine whether you are stressing your female medical cannabis or not and what can you do to increase their yield and their effects. It comes in varied applications depending on the strain you are growing as well as the growing conditions in the area.

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