Regular Seeds vs Feminized Seeds: Which is which?

regular or feminized seeds

How do you compare regular seeds vs feminized seeds? If given the chance to choose, would you grow regular seeds or feminized seeds? While using regular seeds is the most traditional way to grow cannabis, cultivating marijuana using feminized seeds is fast becoming a better way to grow plants. Royal Queen Seeds describe feminized seeds are seeds that have been genetically modified to grow only female seeds. Regular seeds may be male or female and this can create problems when buying and growing seeds. With few seeds, you can do away with all these worries and grow your plants with confidence.  

What are regular cannabis seeds 

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that were made by fertilizing photoperiod plants. This kind of cannabis seed has female and male chromosomes and this can result in plants that are either male or females.  Regular cannabis seeds will produce photoperiod plants which will flower depending on the amount of light that the plant receives.   

When the female regular plant gets less light and the cold nights can be felt, this starts to grow flowers. A male plant releases pollen and this fertilizes the female plants and creates regular seeds. This is the normal way cannabis plants create new generations of plants. But since growers need a female plant to create buds and weed, the males are removed from the group. Discarding males will avoid pollinating females.   

Regular cannabis seeds are traditional seeds. When you buy regular seeds, you will never know if you have purchased male or female seeds. And when you buy regular seeds from marijuana seed banks, they may give you 50% male and 50% female seeds from a number of seeds that you purchased. There is really no guarantee that you will get 100% females.  

You can only tell the sex of your plants when these have revealed their preflowers. Females may grow fine, white, wispy flowers along the junctions between the stems and the branches. However, male plants grow male parts that look like sacs in the same areas. These sacs are filled with pollen which will be released only when the sacs have matured and are open. Wind can aid in bringing the pollen to the female parts and this creates seeds after a few days.   

What are feminized cannabis seeds 

Feminized cannabis has absent male hormones and so you will grow only female plants. There is no other technique to grow feminized seeds. Both types of seeds will still require the same care as the plants vegetate and flower. Both types of plants will flower according to the amount of light that the plant gets. The plant will flower according to the type of strain.   

How do you compare regular seeds vs feminized seeds?  

What cannabis seeds look like  

To find out if you have good seeds, you must initially check the appearance of the seeds. Check the seeds’ color, shape, and size. You can also see marks on the seed coat that are unique for each seed. These are very distinct and are usually found on viable and mature seeds. Seeds must have dark-colored skins.  This could be either black, dark brown, or brown. These colors could mean that the seeds are viable and will germinate as well.  

Viable cannabis seeds must have a shiny coat which indicates viability. Viable cannabis seeds have a special shape and size too. These must not be too small or too large. The seeds should be firm and hard to touch. When you hold the seeds in between your thumb and index finger and press on it you will feel that it is not too hard and not too soft. There are no differences between feminized and regular seeds when it comes to the seed’s general appearance.   

How cannabis seeds germinate 

There is no sure-fire way to find out if a feminized or regular seed is viable but only by physical assessment and by using a special test called a float test for seeds. Both feminized and regular seeds should undergo a float test to be able to tell if the seeds are viable or not.   

Place your seeds in a glass filled with water and let the seeds settle. After about five minutes, check what has happened to your seeds. Seeds that float are seeds that are empty. These don’t contain any viable insides, therefore, you must discard these. Seeds that will sink contain viable insides and therefore you must keep these and germinate these afterward. It won’t take long for these to sprout.  

Are your seeds fresh or are too old? Age affects the seed’s viability because the older the seeds are, the more it won’t be able to germinate. If the seed does germinate, it may take a lot of time to happen.  Cannabis seeds that are kept well usually retain their viability for a decade. However, this may not hold true for seeds that are not kept in a good container. For feminized or regular seeds to germinate, use fresh feminized or regular seeds when you want to start growing new plants.  

So when it comes to the age of seeds, there are no differences between feminized seeds and regular seeds.  

Are your plants male or female 

The most obvious difference between regular seeds and feminized seeds are the seeds’ gender.  Cannabis may be male or female for regular seeds. With regular seeds it’s guesswork and you will just keep on guessing the gender of your plants until the flowering stage. On the other hand, feminized seeds are all female, therefore, there is no possibility that you will be able to grow males. There is no need to worry about removing the male plants or accidentally pollinating your female plants once your plants have shown their gender since you have all female plants.   

The ease of growing plants 

How do you compare regular seeds vs feminized seeds when it comes to ease of growing plants? Feminized cannabis seeds reduce the need to grow more seeds to compensate for possible males. Because of this, you will only grow the number of plants that you will need.   

With feminized seeds, there is no need to spend a lot of money, time, and effort. You don’t have to waste resources such as food, soil, water, lighting, and air on male plants which will soon be discarded.  You will also be able to save time since you will only be caring for a small number of plants.  

Differences in the plants’ vegetative and flowering stages 

There is no difference between feminized cannabis seeds and regular seeds when it comes to the stages of development of a plant. Both seeds will grow and flower according to the strain’s makeup and not according to any factors. There is no significant difference between the two types of seeds when these are grown into young to mature plants. If you want cannabis plants that will flower fast and give you good yields, then you can find these from feminized and regular cannabis strains. 

How the plants are grown  

There is no difference between regular and feminized cannabis plants when you speak of how you can care for your plants. Both plants need a good growing environment. General growing tips and techniques are good for both types of plants.  

Feminized or regular seeds, you must remember to germinate these rights. Never leave cannabis seeds for more than 24 hours in water. Doing so can “drown” your seeds and will affect its germination time. If you want to germinate seeds in a glass of water, soak these but not more than 24 hours. If you need a more efficient way to germinate seeds, use the paper towel technique instead of soaking your seeds in water. The paper towel technique is all about using damp paper towels to sprout seeds. Place the seeds within damp towels and place these in between two plates. Let the plates remain covered for three to five days.   

Buying instead of growing your own seeds 

Growing your own seeds will ease the cost of buying and the delivery cost of seeds. You will have more than enough seeds if you grow your own cannabis plants which you can use to manufacture more seeds. But before you even buy feminized or regular seeds, learn about the type of strain you are trying to grow. You will find it better to use feminized seeds than regular seeds but it is still very important to find out more about the kind of strain you want to grow.  

Different strains have different growing needs, environments, flowering stages, plant height, and more. You need to consider all these so you can care for your plants better and to be able to get more yields which are the goal of all cannabis growers and breeders. So how do you compare regular seeds vs feminized seeds? There is no comparison for most of the different seed characteristics only during the vegetative and flowering periods will these two plants differ.

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