The Right Process of Getting Seeds from Autoflower Cannabis Plants

sequential harvest autoflower

We all know that cannabis cultivation is not a walk in the park. In fact, cultivators know that when growing marijuana, it’s not something they put outside, wait for 6 months, and expect to see a bud. Veterans cultivators will advise you that you will tend to them outdoors as much as you tend to the indoors. In order for your cannabis garden to become successful, you should start with the basics by purchasing the best autoflowering cannabis seeds and sequential harvest autoflower needed.

Using autoflowering cannabis seeds has been proven beneficial by most cultivators, new and old. These seeds are known to be a great strain that does not rely on too much light. There’s no need to adjust the light schedule regardless of the stage of development the plant is on. They also flower automatically roughly in about 2-4 weeks a whole lot faster compared to other marijuana strains.

Autoflower cannabis plants are also small and short in stature making it easy for the growers to hide them from any unwanted attention. Growers can have the option to put them outdoors since they can blend with the rest of your plants or indoors, where they only need a small space to grow on.

Now that you know the basic information about autoflower cannabis plants, we’ll move on to the most crucial part of any cultivation process, the harvesting part. This is the part that all cultivators are waiting for, it’s like their judgment day.

Here are the steps you need to take note of when harvesting your autoflower cannabis plant.

How to Harvest Autoflower Cannabis Plants?

  • Flushing

During the different stages of development, you have probably fed your plant with too many nutrients. And some of these nutrients may not have been used up by your plant that’s why flushing is important. The nutrients that have not been consumed may be stored in different parts of the plant and they may produce a harsh taste when you smoke the bud.

Flushing is using freshwater preferably distilled one to flush away all the nutrients in the soil. You can also halt on your nutrition feeding days or a week before you harvest. Wait until all the water you have used drains out of the container.

By flushing the plant, it improves the quality of the bud so flush the plant well. However, if flushing seems like a tedious task for you, go for organic or super soil for your cannabis plants.

  • Chop the Plant down

Some growers will prefer to harvest sequentially whenever they use autoflower plants.  To start the harvest, remove the fan leaves only then remove the smaller leaves. Make sure you are using gloves so that the resin will not stick to your hands. Cut the stem one by one and never ever uproot the plant before you cut the stem.

  • Trimming

There are two ways in trimming your plant but both methods will start from you sterilizing the sharpest pruning scissors you can find. The first way is for you to cut the leaves before drying the buds. This method is called wet trimming. The second method is for you to cut the leaves after they have been harvested and dried. This is known as dry trimming. However, most cultivators prefer to use the wet trimming method as the leaves are very difficult to cut after they have dried up.

The next step is optional and will completely depend on your preference. This is cutting your sugar leaves, the small leaves attached to the buds, you can easily see them as they are coated with crystals so we completely understand if you want to leave them on with the plant. The reason why we want you to remove them is that it will give off a harsh taste when smoked. 

You can now go ahead and cut the stem in ways that will allow you to hang them to dry. The smaller the buds of your cannabis plants, the faster the time it will take for them to dry up. Place the colas and smaller buds on a clean parchment paper. Remember that these are sticky so make sure no dust comes close to them. Your final step is to dry and cure the buds.

Right Way of Sequential Harvest Autoflower

We have learned how to properly harvest the cannabis plant, the next step is making sure we get a good amount of harvest from the best autoflower cannabis seeds. This may be pretty easy for some. Here is a cost-effective method that we can use. Please be informed that this whole process will involve a dried marijuana flower

  • Select a few branches, (3-4 branches will do) and place them inside a plastic bag.
  • Hold them at the thick end of the branch
  • Tie the ends of the plastic bag to ensure that no seeds will fall out.
  • Go ahead and smash the branches onto something hard. You can do this up until 1 minute.
  • After the continuous smashing for a minute, open the bag and collect the seeds.
  • However, if you see seeds that are still stuck in the buds this may be an indication that the buds still have moisture on them and might need a little bit more drying. You can hang and dry them and repeat the whole process for getting the cannabis seeds.

Sequential harvest autoflower for some cultivators will always be the tricky part of the cultivation. Especially for new growers, the constant question of “When do I harvest the seeds and the plant itself?” will be stuck in their minds the entire process. A good thing is that the online world is already loaded with the information that you need. 

One good thing to practice also is to make sure you know that cannabis strain that you are working on. If you have purchased your cannabis seed online, they will have a complete description and information about it. All you have to do is read and ask questions if you have some.

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