Sexing Marijuana Plants to Produce Female Strains

sexing marijuana seeds

One of the hardest tasks in growing marijuana is not about the method of its growth or the strain that you will use but the gender of marijuana that you are planting. There are many myths surrounding the growth of marijuana seeds. Listed below are related issues concerning ways of sexing marijuana seeds by making two different gendered cannabis interact.

Select capable and suitable parents. Producing female strains requires a careful selection of parents that are capable of growing a female-gendered strain. Also, as a grower, there are plenty of categories that you should consider when thinking for a great parent to produce female cannabis like potency, yield, effects, odor, size, and taste.

A game of chance. Growing marijuana to produce female strain without any intervention of chemicals and lights is a play of chance. Sexing any marijuana plant to produce female strains is not a hundred percent assurance of female strains. The gender of marijuana is defined as early in its seed stage but the gender only becomes known to the grower when cannabis reaches its flowering stage. To create a female strain, the seed must be a female first.

Sexing marijuana with enhancers. The first thing to do is to segregate the male weed from the female with since male marijuana matures faster than a female one. In a separate room, collect the buds of male marijuana through plastic and store it depending on the breed that you are growing. The next step after a period of waiting is to brush the stored male pollen to the female marijuana branch.

A normal sexing of marijuana without an expectation of female seeds to be grown ends in the mentioned process. But in this case, after sexing the marijuana, you will be needing a little manipulation concerning the light received by your female marijuana to trigger the production of a female seed. One of the methods used by growers who want to produce female seeds to produce female strains is the spraying of colloidal silver to the buds of the pollinated female cannabis. When spraying this material to the weed, make sure the lighting system followed by your cannabis is twelve hours of lights on and twelve hours of lights off. Reminder, when using the colloidal silver, the buds are not allowed for consumption in case that you’ve grown tired of waiting for the seeds.


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