Signs of a Flowering Female Marijuana

flowering female marijuana

Whether it’s your first time growing marijuana or the first time growing a different strain, the stage of flowering female marijuana is the most anticipated part of the whole growing process. During the entire duration typically starting from 2-3 weeks, you may find yourself constantly checking back and forth to your future harvest in hopes and excitement.

Varies in strain

Flowering time for marijuana plants will greatly depend on their strains. With strains reaching up to 12 weeks and some just 7 weeks, most marijuana strain averages on 9 weeks of flowering time. When taking notice, it is important to first find out if your plant is indeed a female or a male. If you don’t want your female plants to reproduce, it is best if you trim out male plants as soon as you identify them.


Pre flowering generally begins in the 4th week of vegetation. Pre flowering female marijuana can only be spotted by the use of magnifying glasses. At the 4th node down the stem, you should be able to see the tiny pear-shaped node which identifies the female, along with the two tiny pistils.

Marijuana plants typically respond and grow depending on the amount of light it receives. When the light treatment during indoor cultivation includes a dark period of 10-12 hours each day, the plant discontinues its nonsexual growth cycle and starts growing reproductive organs, male and female flowers, which frequently take place on unconnected plants.

Full Flowering

When the light cycle is changed, the plant’s cycle changes from vegetative to reproductive cycle. A few days after the change in the light treatment, all visible development reduces. Then the first flowers appear. Vegetative growth has come to an end with the growth of a few pistils. Pistils are the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules.

The tops of each branch will start to erupt with the female blossoms. Multitudes of pistils expand from the branches in search of pollen. In this stage, it is obvious that all its energy is placed on the searching phase. The resin glands will start to fill up and will soon be filled with resin. The flowers will be tightly packed thus making the buds heavier. As the bud’s diameter is increasing daily, the resin glands are also gradually covering the entire area. These glands are filled up with THC. Typically most flowers will be filled up with seeds. As the brackets begin to open, it slowly reveals mature seeds. A week or two before official harvest time, growers change light exposure to improve THC levels and to increase yielding. With the flowering phase done, the next phase to master is harvesting those hit wonders.

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