Smoking Marijuana Strains that Contain Seeds

smoke marijuana seeds

Whenever you smoke marijuana seeds, you might have developed a headache or have felt worse as a result. Generally speaking, if you’re given marijuana containing seeds, don’t eat it because it won’t be the best experience you can get from the product. All in all, having purchased it off the black market, it’s not unusual for people to find seeds in their cannabis nugs. Going into a clinic is usually a safe bet.

If you enjoy marijuana just as much as we do, you have probably thought about a lot of things. You may have come across cannabis seeds while traveling, for example. Although this may sound odd, there are many people who have tried smoking marijuana seeds.

This comes out of curiosity and is not inherently evil. Even, you need to know a few more things about marijuana seeds.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana Seeds

We must avoid cannabis seeds at all costs. They are very important for growth but they’re not going to give you the same high marijuana as cannabis leaves do. 

When you smoke marijuana seeds it leads to headaches and other bad stuff. For example, if you try to circumvent this by using seeds as edibles, the outcomes will be the same. The cannabis seeds can also be sold at the black market when you buy pot. If you buy it from a legitimate online cannabis seed shop or marijuana store, this is almost impossible to happen.

The avoidance of smoking marijuana seeds is especially important for those in care. If you are trying to relieve pain or cure some other problem, the last thing you need is to smoke a marijuana plant that will make you feel even worse. 

If you’re smoking it because of THC on the flip side, note the seeds don’t have the same psychedelic effect as regular marijuana does.

Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy

Further work is required to thoroughly investigate the relationship between marijuana

and pregnancy, but the available evidence usually points in one direction. Most

research indicates marijuana use throughout pregnancy may have adverse effects

on the newborn infant and likely last during childhood.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana on the Mouth

A study on the effects of marijuana on oral health frequently runs into the same issues as work on the lungs. It has proved a challenging task to classify one drug and its sole effects on the skin.  Tentatively, research suggests a link between smoking cannabis and dental problems health, and many people who smoke marijuana seeds often smoke tobacco products, drink alcohol, or otherwise take poor care of their teeth.

Risk of Testicular Cancer

Although the evidence may be ambiguous about lung cancer, new research is beginning to show a potential connection between heavy cannabis use and testicular cancer. A study including over 40,000 Swedish men reported that those men who report heavy cannabis use were also more likely to experience testicular cancer incidences in the 50 years after its inception.

Scientists are uncertain what this reaction will do in the body. They assume that the way in which THC and CBD bind to certain test cells can trick your body into processes that lead to tumor cell development. More work is required to discover whether or not this connection exists, but they recommend caution when it comes to marijuana use.

Impact of Smoking Marijuana on the Lungs

The marijuana spends much of its time in the lungs when smoked. Marijuana and tobacco are sometimes contrasted because they are both most widely smoked. It is believed that cigarettes cause most bodily harm than when you smoke marijuana seeds, but this is not the case. While smoking cigarettes can cause several more deaths each year, in reality, smoking marijuana is more harmful.

When you smoke marijuana that contains 4 times as much tar as tobacco in the lungs, partially due to the inhalation method. The smoking method of marijuana involves keeping the smoke in the lungs for longer than other smoked drugs. This prolonged exposure helps the respiratory system to settle some of the molecules in the smoke, but does it cause long-term problems for the lungs?

In the end, when you inhale air, the lungs are most relaxed. This induces an inflammatory reaction in the airways and lungs when you burn something and inhale the smoke. Smoking cannabis can cause tightness in the throat, wheezing, and coughing. Those who self-identify as frequent smokers show more severe bronchitis symptoms and also demonstrate increased resistance to the airways. The Guardian estimated that smoking a single marijuana joint “could cause quite enough harm to the lungs as five cigarettes that are smoked with modification.”

Risk of Lung Cancer

One of the most serious questions is about possible lung cancer related to smoking marijuana. Cannabis smoke contains carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer), but no causal correlation between smoking cannabis and a substantial increase in the incidence of lung cancer can be identified as yet. Other work indicates that CBD and THC, the two principal active ingredients in cannabis, can also have anti-tumor effects. Scientists theorize that this capacity may be an explanation for the general lack of occurrence of lung cancer in even heavy smokers.

Research into the effect of marijuana on the lungs is proving difficult for a variety of reasons. In the US, the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug which places barriers between researchers and conducts research. Once work is green-lit, there are many factors that can cause cloud results, particularly with respect to the lungs. A lot of people who report substantial long-term usage of marijuana often report cigarette usage that has been proven cancer-causing. These factors can distort a study’s findings to the point that researchers can not draw conclusions comfortably.


While it might not be the best idea to smoke marijuana seeds and stems, there are other ways to ensure they don’t go to waste. Although many tend to compost them, some opt to make them food. For instance, they can be ground after they have been baked for about 45 minutes to produce both tea and butter.

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