Storing Cannabis Seeds: Ways to Keep Them in Good Condition

storing cannabis seeds

Cannabis is known to be tough, resilient, and autonomous, however, they do require some care during their storage. If you want to preserve the collection of your valuable seeds, then it’s essential that you know how to properly store them. And the good news is, storing cannabis seeds is pretty easy. 

There are many advantages which you will surely enjoy if you learn how to properly store your cannabis seeds. Seeds are becoming very expensive these days, especially for superior quality marijuana strains. If you don’t want to end up purchase high-quality seeds time and time again, then it’s best that you collect your seeds and store them properly. 

Aside from being able to save a lot of money, you’ll also earn extra income if you know how to preserve the quality of your seeds. High-quality cannabis seeds are definitely an additional income source. Once you already know how to properly harvest these seeds, then you need to learn how to store them and sell them to the market. 

How Long Can You Store Cannabis Seeds

Many experts agree that cannabis seeds can last up to a couple of years if they are stored properly. There are also studies that claim that the seeds can be preserved and planted even after 5 years of proper storage. Although we are not aiming for many years of storage, these are good-to-know facts. Generally, the fresher your cannabis seeds are, the more chances you have of enjoying beautiful and successful germination. 

Best Conditions for Storing Cannabis Seeds

The ideal place to preserve your cannabis seeds is in a cool, dry, and dark location. As much as possible, you want to avoid any increase in humidity, temperature, and the presence of direct light since this will trigger the dormant nutrients in the seeds. To put it simply, you want to make sure that you maintain low temperatures and low humidity levels to ensure longevity. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you eliminate any presence of light. 

It’s advisable that you keep the humidity of the storage area between 6% to 9%. Avoiding any increase in humidity is very important since the higher the humidity is, the shorter the seeds’ lifespan is. It’s also vital that you know how to keep the temperature stable. Fortunately, there are many gadgets or equipment that you can purchase in the market today that allow you to track, adjust, and control temperature and humidity. 

You’ll also find growers who are storing their cannabis seeds inside a cool place such as the fridge or freezer. The reasons behind this concept are that freezing your cannabis seeds slows down its life process, together with its rate of degradation. 

Storing it inside a dark place is also vital. You don’t want any light to penetrate inside your storage. This is also one of the risks of storing your cannabis seeds inside the freezer. Even if you’re opening the freezer only a few seconds, this can cause potential damage due to light entering or and temperature fluctuations. Setting the right conditions is indeed necessary if you truly want to preserve your seeds for many years. 

Where Should I Store Marijuana Seeds?

There are many products and items at home which you can use for storing cannabis seeds. One of the most common items that are being used by many growers is a sealed glass vial – this ensures viability. You can also use regular containers, so long as they are airtight and vacuum seal. Now, if you’re storing your cannabis for a short time period, then it’s recommended that you use black film canisters since they are light proof. However, if you want to store it for a longer period of time, then it’s recommended that you use glass or metal. 

Avoiding Moisture

For you to avoid any excess moisture, you need to add a bit of rice or silica. You can find many silica-based desiccants in the market today. These are the stuff that you find in your new shoebox or any container. As a rule of thumb, you must add a weight of desiccant that is equal to the weight of your cannabis seeds. If you have the proper equipment at home, then using a vacuum-seal is ideal. 

Using Dark Cupboard

One of the best places for you to store your cannabis seeds is inside a dark cupboard. As long as it has a cool and constant temperature, preserving your cannabis seeds should not be an issue. But of course, temperature fluctuations can be quite unpredictable and at the same time inevitable. You don’t want any fluctuations in the temperature since this activates the germination process and therefore ruins the viability of your seeds. 

Asking for Advice

What is beautiful about the cannabis community is that there are lots of people out there who are always willing to help you. You can find many experts and highly-experienced cannabis growers on the web who are always willing to provide you answers. One way of learning how to properly store your cannabis seeds is by listening to the advice and recommendations of the experts. 

Joining online forums or communities where cannabis enthusiasts gather together and talk about how to properly store seeds is a brilliant idea. Just make sure that you stay humble and polite when joining these groups or communities. 

Aside from asking for advice from the experts online, it’s also recommended that you seek for tips and tricks from your friends, families, colleagues, or any individual you know who have cultivated cannabis plants before and have been storing his or her cannabis seeds for quite some time now. Ask your friend how he or she is storing the cannabis seeds and if the method that he or she is using is truly effective. 

Final Thoughts

By following these pointers and guidelines, storing your cannabis seeds should become less stressful. Research is definitely the key not only to proper cannabis cultivation but also to proper cannabis seeds storage. Enjoy the art and science of cultivating marijuana and don’t forget to find your best strain – get those seeds and store them properly.


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