The Best Marijuana Strains for Migraines

marijuana strains for migraines

A lot of people now suffer from headaches. Yet when there are marijuana strains for migraines headache, it’s a whole different thing. Apart from nausea, throbbing head pain, and vomiting, one of the main challenges is that if a migraine kick in it could feel as though you’ve hit head-on with a truck. This can ruin your day entirely and become crippling. “A migraine seems to have a life of its own,” according to several migraine patients. The only issue would be that it sucks your existence along for the trip.

There is no specific migraine remedy, and people have to resort to a range of quality remedies involving lifestyle adjustments so lying in a darkened, quiet room; pharmacy drugs; and prescription medicines to avoid or alleviate pain.

Not shockingly, the interest in marijuana strains for migraines has been growing. Medicinal cannabis study has been constrained under federal restrictions or shortage of funds, so information on its efficacy is generally limited. However, two recent reports indicate that cannabis can help relieve migraines, and even prevent them.

In a 2016 report, a lot of people who tried marijuana strains for migraines recommended by their physician’s seen their migraine intensity decrease, from an estimate of 10.4 – 4.6 migraine each month.

A separate study published at a convention in 2017 also reported that marijuana has been effective both in treating and preventing migraine headaches with acute effects. For one part of the research, 48 patients who received an oral dose of 200 mg of marijuana for 3 months per day reported a 55% reduction in pain.

There is still much uncertainty about the use of marijuana strain for migraines, such as the best strain, best dosage, and best intake process. Not all marijuana strains can have a beneficial impact, and it is a good idea to check with a marijuana physician before considering the path of treatment for marijuana migraine.

Where selecting a strain is concerned, there is no agreement yet about which is the most successful way to alleviate migraine pain or reducing its intensity. So here are a few choices which seem beneficial:

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Migraines 

1. Purple Haze

The Sativa-dominant genetics of Purple Haze can give you a beautiful head high which is an effective tool against debilitating migraines. The high THC content — with 20% — and this strain’s CBD abundance also render it a good drug for treating headaches. Purple Haze is always a joy to smoke, to make it perfect.  This has terpene characteristics that finish it off with berry notes and earthy flavor.

2. Green Crack

Individuals wanting relief from migraines will offer a convenient medication in Green Crack. For a simple reason, this is one of the best marijuana strains for migraines: the results are instant, hard-hitting, and fast-acting.

3. AK-47

With this strong, fast-acting, and flavourful hybrid strain, blast your migraines to high heaven. The enhanced THC levels of AK-47 make this one of today’s most common strains. AK-47 is another well-balanced THC-CBD hybrid variety, extremely high potency, with pungent, smooth flavors.

4. Lemon Kush

Given that smoking medical marijuana is the fastest way to achieve migraine relief, choosing a strain that is pleasant to smoke is crucial. It is especially true if you have a rough migraine and have to consume tons of fresh buds.

Named for its high Limonene terpenes content, Lemon Kush has a wonderful citrus flavor. This is yet another potent form of THC with a robust addition of other essential cannabinoids. Most samples were taken to fall within the THC range of 20-25%.

5. Critical Mass

Critical mass is one of the strongest possible concentrations of the CBD-THC mixture. Extremely high CBD varieties are usually bred to suppress THC because certain patients on medicinal marijuana wouldn’t want addictive properties. Critical mass, however, breaks the THC threshold of 20% and has a CBD of around 10%. Bred primarily for medical use, due to the high, controlled levels of medicinal cannabinoids it delivers this is one of the best marijuana strains for migraines.

6. White Widow

White Widow is particularly powerful for the management of pain when it comes to therapeutic uses. While it is a little on the low end of the scale of the THC scale, due to its fast onset it still packs a pain-relieving punch. The smoke’s taste is as sweet as the flowers feel, nearly as if they had been coated in sugar. The euphoric feelings that this strain gives make it a perfect alternative to fight a difficult migraine.

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an almost ideal 50/50 mix, or often 60/40 preferring the Sativa phenotype, providing a variety of powerful effects. That’s because, usually 17-24% THC, this strain ranks among the highest in THC concentration.

This makes the strain a common alternative for consumers of regular medical cannabis seeking relief from migraine and associated nausea.  The fast-acting, non-sedative effects which make Blue Dream famous among recreational consumers also make it one of the best marijuana strains for migraine.

8. Northern Lights 

A common strain and a pure Indica, Northern Lights is successful at both relaxation inducement and pain relief. This strain is relatively common in pain treatment, including acute and chronic migraines pain.

9. Purple Urkle 

When migraine headaches keep you from sleeping, then the solution is Purple Urkle. This variety is one of the most common Indica-dominant strains and offers a strong high body-and-mind that will make you feel comfortable, calm, and sleepy as it fades away from your migraine. Purple Urkle is yet another of the strongest migraine cannabis strains because of its blazing – high appearance. Stimulation kicked in really fast and hit right through the heart of your migraine. Expect to suddenly feel drowsy, which might just be whatever you want.

10. Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is one of the marijuana varieties with the most awards in life. And for the same reasons, this also happens to be one of the safest marijuana strains for migraines. Tangerine Dream has a 25% THC content level.  You’ll experience an uplifting, heavy, and head-clearing cerebral high as soon as you take the first hit. This is the best strain for every form of pain, including migraines.

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