The Flowering Stage of Female Marijuana Seeds

flowering stage female marijuana

Germination, vegetative, and harvesting are just some of the stages in the growth of marijuana. One of the vital parts of the marijuana growth is its flowering stage wherein it is the showcase of all your hardwork and effort in growing your pot. Presented below are some questions concerning the flowering stage of female marijuana seeds.

Why is the Flowering Stage of Female marijuana important?

The flowering stage of marijuana is important because this is the time when you can tell the gender of your marijuana. In the case of female cannabis, after knowing its female gender, the first thing that you can do is to look for male cannabis growing together with your female pots. Second, segregate and isolate the male from female to avoid pollination when your goal is to have the buds of female cannabis.

The flowering stage is also vital because this will help you to avoid unplanned and unwanted pollination between female and male cannabis. Female marijuana’s flowering stage is awaited by the cannabis users because of the buds that it will make. The female cannabis produces the highest THC level.

What should I consider when the female marijuana is in its stage of flowering?

The thing that you should do during the flowering stage of your cannabis is to make sure that the pot receives a twelve-hour full light and full darkness scheme. This method will make your weed feel that it is already the season of fall. Second, maintain the humidity between seventy-five to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit when there are open lights. Third, continue the circulation of fresh air. Do not use fans directly over the cannabis. Lastly, stop the feeding of more nitrogen types of fertilizers.

What are the benefits of the flowers from female marijuana seeds?

The female gender of cannabis is more useful than the male. First, they are the ones responsible for making seeds with the help of a male or hermaphrodite plant. Also, female marijuana gives the buds with the highest THC.

Should I continue the nitrogen feeding for my female cannabis?

I suggest that you stop giving nitrogen supply to your female cannabis during its flowering stage. In this phase, your cannabis needs more phosphorus and other marijuana nutrients except for nitorgen. Also, make sure that the PH level of your cannabis is in 6.5 since this level affects the prosperous growth of your female cannabis.

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