The Ideal Environment in Growing Female Marijuana

growing female cannabis plants

To ensure that the flowers of your growing female cannabis plants reach maturity in order to produce the valuable sensimillia or the flowers containing the goodness of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you must provide a favorable environment for them to flourish.  There are important factors you need to consider in order to provide an ideal place for your female Marijuana plants to grow and give you the yield you have always wanted.

The Grow Room Environment for Your Growing Female Cannabis Plants

The surrounding environment is especially important for the proper growth of female Marijuana plants. They tend to thrive well in an environment with the following arrangements:

  • The growing media used should contain higher Nitrogen levels and lesser Potassium, and a pH between 6.6 to 6.8 levels.
  • If using soil in a pot as a growing medium, it must contain higher humidity.
  • They also love an environment with lower temperatures and higher humidity levels.
  • They do well in a shorter light cycle. Growing female cannabis plants tend to only begin its flowering phase when the light hours are shortened while stretching the dark hours longer. After all, most of the weeds are short-day plants.

The most important thing to remember aside from all these is to avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels inside the room, and see to it that during dark cycles, prevent unnecessary interruptions by going inside the room by which lights from the outside may come through disrupting the process. If these situations go on even just for a couple of days, the marijuana plants become stressed causing them to employ a defense mechanism by turning themselves into hermaphroditic marijuana plants, having both the qualities of the male and female plants at the same time. By becoming hermaphrodites, Marijuana plants can ensure the survival of their kinds through self- pollination. And if this happens, you no longer have the best quality crops but already have become the poor ones. If in case there are still few or more female Marijuana plants that did not turn into hermaphrodites, immediately segregate these from the hermy plants which are capable of pollinating the entire population of females preventing them from producing sensimillia since hermy plants have male bearing properties. You do not want the damage to go that far. As much as possible, you salvage those that are of still useful. You just have to act real quickly before everything is too late because it is just a matter of time.

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