The New Methods to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

seed germination

Seed germination is a growing skill that involves the water, heat, and air to take effect causing the seeds to sprout. Whatever the germination method is used, the seeds just undergo the same process. The different kinds of germinating methods are an easy process just make sure that you are doing the right thing. 

How The Seeds are Germinated

As soon as the seed gets in contact with the water, the moisture will sip through the seed coat that the exterior of the seeds will crack open while the hypocotyl or the stems of the germinating seed will elongate and push the leaves of the seedlings or the cotyledon. Germinating cannabis seeds require three important factors such as water, heat, and air.

1. Paper Towel Germination Method

Filter paper, newspaper or paper towels are an excellent, medium for seed germination because you can easily monitor if the seed is still moist and through this method, you can easily see if the seed has been germinated. It will give you easy access to observe the seeds regularly to ensure that your seeds will not lose its moisture.


  • Simple and convenient method; you can do it anywhere.
  • You have the ability to control the germination rate by ensuring to do it the right way.


  • Once the seeds have been germinated, it can’t be touched because it’s delicate.

Steps in Seed Germination Through Paper Towel Method

Step 1: Prepare the materials, you will be needing seeds, paper towels, and ziplock. Take two pieces of paper towel and dampen it. Be careful in damping the paper towel not to tear it.

Step 2: Depending on the size of the paper towel, place the seeds mostly at the center of the dampen paper towel and use the other piece of dampening the cloth to cover paper towel with seeds. Makes sure that the seeds stay in place and do not slip out.

Step 3: You can place the seeds covered in a paper towel in a ziplock or you can just place it in cool dry air with a room temperature within 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit. Just make sure that it is out of direct sunlight and make sure to always spray the seeds with water so that it will not lose moisture.

Step 4: Within 2-4 days expect, if you see that the seeds have sprouted with cotyledon then it is an that your seeds have completed the germination process. You may need to use tweezers in transporting it to the pot so that it will not be damaged.

2. Rock wool Method in Germination

The use of rockwool is originally for insulation but it has been a popular tool in growing cannabis seeds especially through the hydroponic method. It is good in retaining moisture and oxygen that is vital in the root growth.


  • It has the ability to spread out the heat throughout the seeds for faster and higher germination rate.
  • Rockwool is breathable that is why it can conserve moisture and it allows proper moisture to travel across the seeds.


  • The use of rockwool is limited to hydroponic set-up only.

Steps In Seed Germination Using a Rockwool 

Step 1: The first step is to prepare the needed materials such as the cannabis seeds that you will be using, a growing tray or pot intended for hydroponic set-up and a starter cube such as rock wool because it serves as a base for your cannabis plant to absorb nutrients.

Step 2: You need to soak your starter cube in fresh water for about an hour. After soaking it, you may need to put several seeds in the cube to have higher chances of germination rates. You can place the tray with the starter cube in your window or in a room where it can’t be touched.

Step 3: After 2-3 days, inspect your seeds.  If all the seeds that had sprouted, choose the seeds that look like unhealthy because if you would continue to plant them there is a possibility that it will die or it will grow unhealthy.

Step 4: Transplant into the final destination. After 2-3 weeks after germination, set it up for the hydroponics set-up. Don’t wait too long before planting it because when it starts to show roots it means that you should feed it with necessary nutrients.

3. Water Germination Method

Not all kinds of crop seeds are suitable for the water germination method but all types of cannabis strains can be germinated using this method. This is considered to be 90% accurate. In germination, maintaining the proper moisture of the cannabis plant is important. When this method is used, you don’t have to worry because soaking the seeds in water for how many days will ensure that the seeds are always moisturized.


  • This method is cheap and easy to do
  • You can do this method anywhere, anytime  as long as you have a container, water, and the seeds


  • This method does not provide a 100% assurance that this will work because there is a possibility that soaking the water for so long would damage it.

Steps in Water Germination Method

Step 1: Be sure to use tap water with the right room temperature between 18-65% degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Drop two or three cannabis seeds and wait for changes within 24-72 hours. To ensure that the water is still fresh refill the container with water every day while monitoring that the temperature will not fluctuate or exceed the expected temperature.

Step 3: For this method to be successful, the secret is not to let the seed stay in the water for so long. If you see that the cotyledon come out, remove the seeds immediately in the water and plant it with your preferred growing medium.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge about the right way on how to do the germination process is helpful in determining if the cannabis seed is suitable for planting. If you will do it the right way, for sure you will not waste your time and resources to having successful yields.

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