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oklahoma marijuana seeds

Oklahoma Marijuana Seeds passed State Question 788 in 2018. Which is great for medical cannabis and user sooner in the sooner state. The Oklahoma board-allowed physician should allow all state-issued medical cannabis licenses.

As the state government of Oklahoma still continues to give information and update the indefinite framework defining how people over the age of 18 can have and use medical cannabis, there are other ways to get a marijuana strain that you really want. Oklahoma marijuana seeds are legal, and there are great ways to cultivate medical cannabis you crave and need. 

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal In Oklahoma?

All over Canada and the United States, it is legal to buy “weed seeds” or marijuana seeds. 

In this case, more importantly, when not all states have process legislation permitting the recreational and medical use of marijuana? 

The answers lie on the makeup of the weed seeds themselves. When they are not germinated, the cannabis seeds red known not as drugs, but as an adult novelty keepsake. You have the right to possess any kind of collector’s items.

This gives more opportunity if you have a formal medical cannabis license that allows you to have and consume marijuana in the state.

According to the SQ788, whoever in the that has the state-approved license can legally use medical cannabis. Specifically, if they are possessing the following:

  • 6 mature plants (flowering and budding)
  • One ounce of concentrates
  • 6 seedlings (vegetating and growing and )
  • Up to 3 ounces of cannabis on their body
  • 72 ounces of edibles
  • A total of 8 ounces of cannabis at their residence

Cannabis Growing Tips for Oklahoma Residents

If you have decided to buy Oklahoma marijuana seeds you have to make sure that you know how to properly germinate the plant for them to start flowering. Here are a few steps for the first time growers. 

  • Soak Your Marijuana Seeds
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To begin, place your marijuana seeds in a cup of purifying water at room temperature. And let it soak for about 14 to 18 hours. Use your two fingers to put them ut to the bottom, to make sure that they are fully covered. 

  • Prepare A Towel

If you are ready for the next step, make the first spot ready. Get a plate and fold paper towel on it. To have the best result, make sure that the paper towel doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes.

Pour Your Seeds

After that, drain the whole content of the cup, after the seed has saturated, into the paper towel and plate. Fold the paper tower over your seeds to completely cover them. 

  • The Germination Methods

You have to wait! Put the plate in a dark, warm room and let stay until the seeds to start opening. Always check the towel on a regular premise to assure that it is still wet, add more water if it is necessary.  It can take 2 to 7 days for the seeds to start to crack open. We advise using a Germination Guide Process to assist you throughout this process.

  • Root Development

Once the marijuana seeds begin to open, you will see a taproot start growing at the bottom with others. Make the root grow between 0.5 cm and 0.75 inches before transferring it 

One pro tips to make the most of your marijuana crop? Before you transfer your marijuana seedlings, make sure that there are no other crops around that can hinder their growth.

For example, there are a lot of outdoor hemp plants surround the state planted for the CBD craze that is expanding the nation. If you plant your female budding plants outdoors, the wind can fertilize the rich-CBD hemp pollen. And a lot of these seeds will become mixed up with your plants as you’re cropping them, trim and dry them.

This strain can produce a unique characteristic for you, yet it still can give you negative effect quality of your vaping and smoking product. For that, it is good to plant your marijuana seeds in an isolated, safe greenhouse, where you can monitor their growth from the very start. From the hydroponic setups to a covered marijuana greenhouse, the methods are up to you! 

What are the Autoflower Strains Perfect for Oklahoma?

Searching to the guesswork out of cultivating your medical cannabis? The Autoflowering seeds are the easiest to grow plants, and can yield can magnificent crop.

There are some special marijuana seeds that are genetically procreated to begin flowering quickly after first-ever leaves to form. How early can you expect the buds? The regular indicas will begin to flower around 7 to 9 weeks after the germination, while the sativas can take between ten to sixteen weeks. 

3 Autoflowering Strains Perfect in Oklahoma 


  • Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
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Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower is an indica-dominant strain that produces an amazing comfort for stress and pain and has a long-lasting effect. This feminized marijuana strain has an exciting mixture of tastes and aromas that the gorilla strain has. It is a very relaxing and perfect consumption at night time use to let you have good sleep and stop your anxiety. 


  • Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


The Bruce Banner can produce calming effects due to its high THC levels. This strain is perfect to use when you need a boost to any social gathering. It will help you feel relax and unwind and can make you focus on different activities and task you might have in the day. It is very effective for the natural comfort of anxiety, stress, pain, and depression. 


  • White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


White Widow is well-known for its orange and white trichomes that grow at the end of its flowering phase,  and this strain is high in THC. It is recommended for the new growers as this plant is easy to grow. But caution for the new marijuana smoker as the effect of White Widow is not recommended for them. 


When it comes to purchasing kinds of Oklahoma marijuana seeds, some people are thinking about buying marijuana seeds now, for the use of medical cannabis in the states. Above are some of the autoflowering marijuana seeds that are great to grow in Oklahoma.

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