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dwarf autoflower seeds canada

Cannabis is on a rapid rise in the market today. There are plenty of seeds that are now getting more attention than ever before because of how popular they have become in Canada due largely to the legalization of marijuana there. This includes autoflowering cannabis seeds. And when it comes to those types of seeds, dwarf autoflower seeds in Canada are actually becoming pretty popular as of late.

What is Dwarf Autoflower Seeds Canada?

Dwarf Autoflowering is a strain of cannabis that, as its name suggests, is quite small when compared to other strains of cannabis or even to that of its fellow autoflowering species. Given that this strain is autoflowering, it will transition from the vegetative state to the flowering phase without the need to rely on the number of light and dark hours it gets. The only factor for it to flower and bear buds is age.

1. Aroma and flavor

Dwarf Autoflower carries a kind of aroma that is reminiscent of the classic but the very strong skunky scent that the Skunk line of cannabis is known for. The moment you break the buds open, you get a very pungent earthiness that hits your nose with an exotic kind of odor that the best cannabis connoisseurs tend to love. And underneath that skunkiness is a sweet scent that tends to add to its appeal. This sweetness is akin to melon.

When it comes to taste, there is not much of a difference between its scent and its flavor. It still carries that strong pungent taste that has an earthy profile. And upon exhaling it, you will feel a kind of woody appeal in its flavor as hints of a melon-like sweetness begin to unravel.

2. Effects

With THC levels of about 15% and as high as 20%, Dwarf Autoflowering is not the strongest or most potent strain out there but it also is not as weak as some people would think. But, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on newer and more modern versions of this strain, you can enjoy how a lot more potent it is compared to the classic Dwarf Autoflowering strain.

At the start, Dwarf Autoflowering will hit you with an uplifting and euphoric kind of high that improves your mood and makes you happier than ever. This slowly but steadily translates into a buzz that energizes your entire body to give you enough motivation to get through the day with the best possible mood.

After that, the high will start to spread to the rest of your body to give you a weird but actually satisfying tingling sensation that goes well with the energetic buzz you get. Some users actually get sexually aroused at this point as the body will suddenly get lazy and relaxed. At this point, it is impossible to escape the stoner-like state the strain will put you in.

Because of those effects, Dwarf Autoflowering might not be the best for beginners. This strain can be good for intermediate users and for those who are tolerant enough to enjoy its somewhat potent effects. But, even so, even the most experienced user should still try to use this strain carefully.

3. Growing

As the name suggests, Dwarf Autoflowering is a very small plant that does not tend to take up a lot of vertical and horizontal space in your garden or grow room. In that sense, it is an ideal strain for stealth growers because of how it tends to hide pretty well without much effort on your part.

Dwarf Autoflower seeds Canada is pretty easy to grow and can thrive well both indoors and outdoors. However, because autoflowering strains have a fixed lifespan, there is a very small window of error. Anything that might go wrong can diminish the quality of this strain. As such, you should grow it indoors so that you can control the ideal conditions and keep it away from any factor that might cause harm to it.

If you are a beginner grower, you can enjoy the experience of growing Dwarf Autoflowering because it does not tend to demand too much effort and time on your part. This bushy strain is very hardy and resilient. You do not have to worry about diseases and pests although you still have to be wary. And because it is autoflowering, you can leave the lights on 24/7 as this strain does not rely on the photoperiod for it to flower.

Dwarf Autoflowering will need seven to eight weeks to flower. Although it is a very small plant, it can be very generous in terms of its yields as its buds are quite bushy. In that sense, it is a low-maintenance plant that tends to be very rewarding.

Where did Dwarf Autoflower come from?

Now that you know more about Dwarf Autoflower, you might wonder how breeders were able to get this good of an autoflowering strain. To know more about this autoflowering strain is to dive deeper into the origins of autoflowering cannabis seeds themselves.

The ancestors of the autoflowering strains were the cannabis ruderalis plants that thrived well in cold northern regions where Indicas and Sativas would struggle to survive. After adjusting and adapting to their habitat, cannabis ruderalis developed traits that we now see in most autoflowering strains.

First of all, cannabis ruderalis will flower regardless of the light and dark hours they get because of how they grew in regions with very little available sunlight. As such, they no longer rely on the photoperiod to flower.

Second, because they lacked nutrients and sunlight in these regions, cannabis ruderalis plants grow up to be very small and are barely two feet tall in height.

Finally, cannabis ruderalis grow and flower very quickly because of how they anticipate the cold winter seasons that tend to be too cold for any plant to bear. As such, they flower based on maturity and will be ready for harvest in seven to eight weeks.

However, cannabis ruderalis had almost no practical purposes because of how low their THC and CBD levels are. As such, nobody thought of growing this species of cannabis for commercial uses until The Joint Doctor crossbred Northern Lights with a mysterious cannabis ruderalis plant he called Mexican Rudy. The result was the Lowryder, which is considered the very first true autoflowering cannabis strain.

Since then, many other breeders began to grow autoflowering strains by using Lowryder as a parent strain or by using the genetics of mysterious or unknown cannabis ruderalis plants. This includes Dwarf Autoflowering.

Dwarf Autoflowering is actually a child of the Skunk line. That is why this strain displays the same kind of aroma, flavor, and effects as its Skunk parent. It actually resembles Skunk a lot except for the fact that it is an autoflowering strain.

However, the base autoflowering strain used to breed Dwarf Autoflower seeds Canada is quite unknown. Whatever ruderalis plant was used to hybridize Dwarf Autoflowering remains a mystery but its genetic background is quite similar to Easy Bud. Like Dwarf Autoflowering, Easy Bud’s ruderalis parent is unknown.

While it can be difficult to really tell the origins of Dwarf Autoflowering’s ruderalis counterpart, what we can be sure of is that its main properties and features come from that of the Skunk line. As such, it is quite similar to Skunk and has carried over its autoflowering traits from its mysterious ruderalis parent.

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