Things You Should Know about Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Feminized cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds that have been made to contain no male chromosomes. All the plants that you will grow using feminized cannabis seeds will be all female. There are therefore zero chances that you will cultivate males. There are many good reasons why you should just grow the best quality feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular seeds.  

For one growing feminized seeds is a good way to monitor your plants and to make sure there will be no accidental pollination. I Love Growing Marijuana says that it is very common for cannabis seeds to be feminized. Every flower from feminized seeds will be female and will produce the buds that all cannabis growers want.  You can buy indoor feminized marijuana seeds from almost all top quality seedbanks found online and offline.     

What are feminized seeds? 

Marijuana plants may be male or female and can even be both sexes. When you grow regular cannabis you must consider the time between the growing period and the flowering stage to find out the gender of the plants. This is quite hard to do especially if this is your first time to sex your plants. You must learn this especially if you want to grow only regular seeds. You must find the gender of your plants quickly otherwise, your males may fertilize your females and this can result in flowers full of seeds.  

With the best quality feminized cannabis seeds, you won’t have to deal with all these. Feminized seeds will make sure that every flower that’s part of your crops will always be female. However, your plants will not produce a new round of seeds to grow the succeeding batches of cannabis plants.  

Growing feminized cannabis seeds 

Growing feminized seeds has the same process as growing regular cannabis. You will germinate your seeds and ensure that these give proper treatment. You have to make sure that your plants get adequate water, lighting, and good nutrition.  

As your young plants grow, your plants will soon develop flowers. Once the flowers have become mature, harvest the plant and prepare it. However, compared to regular plants, you won’t have to sex your plants and remove the male ones. There is no stress due to worrying if you have missed a male plant which can ruin your harvest. This is the reason why you must use feminized seeds to avoid any worries, wasting money out of wasted resources and overlooked efforts.  

1. Germinate your feminized seeds using a timetested technique 

One of the most tested techniques to germinate cannabis seeds in the paper towel technique. You need a few pieces of paper towels, distilled water, and two large plates. Wet the paper towels until these are now damp. Put the cannabis seeds in the middle of the damp towels and use two plates to cover everything. Place this in a dark area like in a cupboard or inside a cabinet. Let this be; open only to check up on your seeds and to check if the towels are still damp. Leave this be and just open this up after three days. Wet the towels when these begin to dry up but don’t place too much water because this can drown your seeds. After three days, these will surely have sprouted and ready to be planted.   

2. When your plants have sprouted place these in sprouting cubes 

You will know that your plants have sprouted when you see the taproot emerging from inside your seed. Let your seeds out of the germination plates and then place these in individual sprouting cubes. Soak the sprouting cubes in water overnight. Place your sprouted seeds in individual sprouting cubes. Place the cubes in a stable holder or container. Place these under good lighting.  

3. You must use only proper lighting, water, and plant nutrition 

Use the best lighting. A good grow light is high-intensity lighting or LED lamps. These will be able to provide high-intensity lighting during the plant’s vegetative stage. Use a 20/4 day/night schedule or a 24/0 day/night schedule to grow lighting to be able to get the most out of your plants.  

When watering your plants, water when the cube is dry and not when it is too damp or wet. Use distilled water on your plants. When it comes to providing the ideal nutrition for your plants, use the ideal nutrients that will work for your plants. It should be according to its developmental stage as well. At this point, your seedlings won’t require many nutrients; you can apply fertilizer after it has been transplanted.  

4. Time to transplant your young plants 

After the second-tier leaves have emerged and your plants now have more roots, it’s time to transfer these to larger pots or containers. Select the best cannabis growing soil which will support plant health. A good soil that’s pro-cannabis is a sandy-clayey soil. This type of soil will hold more water and nutrients and can drain excess water and nutrients to prevent root rot and mold. Use a container or a pot that has enough holes found at the bottom. The holes will remove water from the plants and will also allow better air exchange. 

5. Train your plants to grow more yields 

Use good lighting. Train your plants using pruning, topping, or clipping techniques. Remove large fan leaves because these can become so large that these can obstruct the passage of light to the lower parts of the body of the plants.

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Another good training technique is using SOG or the screen of the green technique. This is growing cannabis plants under a screen to control growth. The screen can be made of string or twine and these will keep plants even to avoid covering other plants from covering the light. Breeders and growers that use the SOG technique agree that this was able to help them boost have reported that plants were able to grow good yields. 

6. Keep your plants healthy 

Once your plants have grown flowers you now have to care for these really well. Find out how to control and remove molds and pests because these will usually affect the growth and the yields of your plants especially when your plants have grown buds. Provide nutrients that will ensure good buds and good yields.   

Where to buy feminized cannabis plants? 

Having the ability to become male or female or both is a survival method that cannabis plants have adapted over the years. This makes it possible for plants to thrive despite different demanding conditions. By creating flowers of varying genders, the plant will be able to self-pollinate and continue the next generation of cannabis species.  

Breeders will be able to create male plants out of female plants to fertilize another female plant. Any seeds that have developed due to this fertilization will not have any male chromosomes and these will produce only female flowers. Creating top-quality feminized seeds is the goal of many breeders and this is from painstaking trial and error. And even if you are new to growing marijuana or you may have some experience you will surely be amazed at the many new and exciting feminized cannabis strains available today.  

Growing hermies from feminized seeds 

All cannabis plants can grow female or male structures. This has been developed by plants to overcome different forms of stress. Aside from stress, there are many factors that can cause stress like temperature changes and transplanting from a small to a larger container.  

Turning itself into a hermaphrodite or a hermie makes it possible for the plant to fertilize its own flowers and to propagate its genes. The pollen from hermaphrodite flowers will be used to fertilize another female plant. The resulting seeds may carry the hermaphroditic genes that it has inherited from its parents which can reduce yield. 

Feminized cannabis seeds advantage 

When using regular cannabis seeds to grow plants, you will have to germinate up to a number of plants you want to mature. Because you have to remove the males you will end up throwing away money, time, and effort. When you use feminized seeds, you can reduce this and make it easier to grow the number of plants you want to harvest each time. 

Growing marijuana using feminized seeds is very easy to do. You will grow healthy crops that will produce mature plants that growers and breeders want. This could be very overwhelming if this is you are a novice grower. However, it is best to remove all the possible factors that can reduce your success from the beginning.  

But if you still want to grow regular cannabis then you can do this without any kind of problem at all. Just follow all the steps in growing feminized cannabis so you can get the best yields indoors or outdoors. It is also important to rely only on reputable marijuana seed banks to get the best quality feminized cannabis seeds. Shop smart and you will surely get healthy plants and good yields with the best quality feminized cannabis seeds.

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