Tips and Tricks to Get Bigger Buds with Autoflowering Marijuana

bigger buds autoflowering marijuana

Successfully growing a marijuana garden will depend on different factors. A variety of elements such as light, water, soil condition greatly affects the outcomes of your cannabis cultivation. Increasing yield production is also one of the reasons why these factors should be taken into consideration. For some growers using the best bigger buds autoflowering marijuana has been beneficial in their production.

With the cannabis seed market growing by the day, growers are now presented with certain types that promise to give good quality results. If you are looking for ways to get bigger buds and yield production from your marijuana garden then we’ll surely help you with this journey. 

Tips and Tricks on Growing Bigger Buds Autoflowering Marijuana

A successful cannabis cultivator knows that getting healthy and big buds are the greatest prize for a hard day’s work. All those months you have spent in taking care of your plant has finally paid off and you see the results right in front of your eyes.

Here are the methods they use in making sure that the buds are healthy and big.

  • Pruning

As your cannabis plant develops, the buds will mostly form at the nodes. Plant nodes are the area wherein the leaves or branch grows from a stalk. The larger your cannabis plant is, the greater the number of nodes it will develop and the bud number will also follow.

Some people think that the greater number of nodes, the bigger the buds as well but this is very far from the truth. Nodes in the lower section of the plant will never reach maturity since they don’t get sufficient sunlight. The best thing that you can do is to prune the parts of the plant that is not getting enough nutrients and sunlight. By pruning, you are making the plant give its utmost concentration on certain parts of its plant to develop a good quality and bigger buds.

  • Training

If a cannabis plant is left to grow on its normal way, it will just grow into a cannabis plant with one large main stalk located at the center and there are surrounding small stalk that does not receive enough light and nutrients. Naturally, the main large stalk is the most beneficial for the cultivator and the small stalks are not given enough attention.

By training your plant, you are either giving it high-stress or low-stress by cropping some of the branches. When cultivators do this, they are training the small branches to thrive and develop. The cannabis plant will be alerted and the hormones concentrated on the main stalk will be equally distributed to other stalks. The plant will now develop thick and long stalks and eventually bigger buds on those branches.

  • Feeding

Giving your plant the proper nutrition it needs at different stages is crucial in developing big buds. During the vegetative stage, it is best to pack up on nitrogen while during the flowering stage, the plant will need more phosphorus. Giving your cannabis plant these nutrients will result in a healthy, vibrant plant that will be helpful in making large cannabis buds.

  • Lighting

We’ll work on the saying big lights = big buds. This is a mantra used by cannabis growers that are very focused on producing big buds. After finding the right autoflowering seeds that will provide you great yield production, the next step will be is to make sure that your cannabis plant will receive optimum light. Make sure to put it in a growing area (either indoor or outdoor) that will not make it thrive just to get light.

See to it that your light is of the appropriate height so that your plant will not suffer from heat stress. The cannabis plant should not feel too hot when you touch it nor your hand when you hold it at the top. If you want to make sure that your plant is getting enough heat, you can use a digital thermometer to give you an accurate temperature. 

  • Look for autoflowering high yield seeds

The best way to help you in getting bigger buds is for you to use the bigger buds autoflowering marijuana that are available in the market. Using this already gives your marijuana garden an upper hand. You know that there is a high percentage that when you use these seeds, you will get bigger buds.

These seeds have been researched and experimented by lab scientists and a couple of trials are done before releasing it to market that’s why your purchase is a good investment.

  • Maintain the correct Humidity level 

Make sure that your grow area has the proper humidity level. If your grow area has too much humidity, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses will develop thus affecting the quality of the bud. 

However, if the area is too dry. Expect that the cannabis plant will not reach maturity and might not develop those buds. They will just wilt and die away. For you to expect great results, keep the humidity level at- 40-50% during the flowering stage

  • Grow area should have strong airflow and air ventilation

Make sure that your grow area has a good quality exhaust that allows the air to be renewed. A good air quality helps in making sure that the cannabis plants develop into its full potential. Just like any other living organism, when the area is polluted, expect the cannabis plant to also suffer the consequences. The cannabis plant might have certain airborne diseases and the buds will be of low quality or they may never fully develop.

These are the tips and tricks we can give you in making sure that you get a great yield with bigger buds. After all, it is every growers’ dream to develop a high-quality large bud that can be used for selling or for the next cultivation process. 

You also have to make sure to look for the best spot in your house to plant your cannabis seeds. We can’t give enough emphasis on the importance of Mr. Sunshine to your plants. Now you can go on with your cannabis cultivation journey.

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