Tips in growing female medical pot

growing female medical pot

Why grow female medical marijuana?

If you are a patient tired of the synthetic drugs which cannot cue your symptoms or afraid to spend a lot on medication to fully recover from their illnesses, you should resort to using female medical weed for your illnesses. THC levels of the females tend to be higher than those of the males. This is a special feature of the female whichever strain may they belong to. Females are known for their capacity to reproduce seeds and new breeds. They are also grown if your intention is to give life to newer medical cannabis strain.

What are the tips in growing female medical marijuana?

There are conditions to better grow your female medical pot. You need to give them the basics that they need before they can be grown to full females giving you the yields and the effects that you want from them. There are basic tips to keep them healthy and to better increase their THC levels to suit your needs for them. These include:

  • Keep them away from your male. When you intend to keep the herbs, you have to identify your females from your males and isolate them afterwards. You need to do this in order to avoid pollination and further decline the level of THC of your female medical weed.
  • Give them the right amount of light cycle from the time their vegetative stage ends. This triggers the flowering of your females. Without passing the required amount of light that they need, they will not flower. If you are growing outdoors, you can probably cover them off with some sheets to trick your females.
  • Supplement them with proper nutrition through the use of fertilizers to keep them healthy. As much as possible, use only the organic method ion their fertilizers as well as in the removal of the pests infesting on them.
  • Do not over mature your female medical weed as their potency declines through the passage of time.
  • Do not stress you females by overwatering them or exposing them to contaminations such as molds and pests. Moreover, you can choose to employ low stress trainings for your medical cannabis to keep them out of stress and harm. Stress can fully depreciate the quality of the leaves and buds of your female medical marijuana. You can do gentle massage on them to ensure that they do not get stressed and this further increases their THC content.
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