Tips on Growing Autoflower Cannabis Strains

growing autoflower seeds

Growing autoflower seeds is very interesting. Whether you are a novice grower or a veteran, you will be impressed by the most modern, ultra-powerful, and super-fast autoflowering cannabis varieties. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know how to achieve and grow high-grade marijuana with autoflowering seeds. Do you want to ensure you get high-quality autoflower cannabis seeds for sale to grow your business? Start growing the finest autos. Let’s find out how!

New Generation Autoflowers: Big, Strong, and Fast. 

It is true that many of the first rudderless crosses did not produce the most vigorous plants in the world. In just one decade we have come a long way. In the past, the autoflowering cannabis varieties available were much more than the simple equivalent of old photo dependent legends. We are in the era of super autoflowering cannabis: bigger, stronger, and faster. Although there are also many compact modern classics for micro-growers. Everything has changed. Cannabis cultivation has changed completely; a terrible beauty has been born.

What Is the Most Favorable Light Cycle of Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana plants can survive with only 5 hours of light a day. But if you want your cannabis plants to develop well, reach their maximum potency, and produce an abundant harvest, they need more than 18 hours of light per day. The optimum light cycle to grow autoflowering cannabis strains indoors is 20-4 (light-dark cycle) constant, throughout the life of the plant. Of course, cycles 18-6, 20-2, and 24h without stopping also work, but with cycle 20-4 we have obtained the best results.

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As for outdoor cultivation, it could start in the spring. But it is advisable to germinate the seeds and develop the seedlings indoors under artificial lights for 1-2 weeks, for optimal results. Later, we will explain in detail the options for outdoor cultivation.

Life Cycle of Growing Autoflower Seeds

The main difference between autoflowering and photo-dependent cannabis is that the countdown begins from the moment the seed germinates. After germination, the life cycle of the vast majority of modern autoflowering lasts a total of 8-12 weeks. Unlike photo-dependent marijuana, autoflowering does not require the typical 12-12 light cycle to enter flowering; they will continue advancing in their life cycle, independently of the light-dark cycle.

Go Faster with Vegetative Development

Nowadays, with auto-flowering, it is practically impossible to delimit the seedling phase of vegetative growth. Moreover, in about 30 days, most will suddenly enter flowering. A healthy and vigorous growth during the first phases of the autoflowering is an essential factor for the success of the crop. In just one week, many things can happen with a vigorous auto-flowering hybrid. And there is not much time for transplants.

It is possible that you have to make daily adjustments to the cultivation lamp to avoid burning the foliage. Like the photo dependent varieties, the ideal environmental conditions for young auto-flowering plants are a temperature between 20-25 ° C and a range of relative humidity between 50 and 70%. On the other hand, the autoflowering plants have considerably lower nutritional needs than the photo-dependents, so there are no reasons not to grow ecologically. In general, auto-flowering plants prefer a well-aerated culture medium with an average level of fertilization. Light soil mixtures and coconut substrate are highly recommended.

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Most growers prefer to use LED lights, MH, or cold light CFL for the short growing season. A sudden and explosive 5cm vertical growth is not uncommon among the more vigorous hybrids. On the other hand, varieties of Indica dominance, such as White Widow Automatic, usually have a more gradual and leafy growth pattern. Stretching steadily in 1-2 cm intervals daily, reaching its maximum size before exceeding 1m.

Quick and Frenetic Flowering

As soon as you see the pistils in the first flowers, you can assume that in 45-60 days the plants will have completed the growing autoflower and will be ready to harvest. Regardless of whether you are ready or not. But you will be prepared since you will make the necessary adjustments when necessary.

The fertilizers of the vegetative phase, with power between soft and medium, will be replaced by fertilizers for flowering and punctual doses of supplements and flowering enhancers. As we have mentioned, a modest fertilization regime is recommended, that is, light. It will not be necessary to change the lighting program since you will maintain the initial routine until harvest. But you must ensure that the temperature does not exceed 28 ° C, and reduce the relative humidity to a range of 40 to 60%. The plants will stretch to different levels. A set of easy-to-move rope hangers or ratchets will make this task easier.

Although a plump Skunk hybrid, reaches a maximum size of only 60cm indoors, it will produce an abundant harvest, with short intermodal space and a ratio of the flower to incredible leaf. It can be easily obtained without doing lots of affords.

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The last one or two weeks of flowering should be done through a thorough washing of roots. For this, you can use pure water or a light wash solution. When most hairs or pistils of flowers have gone from white to orange/red, it is advisable that you are already doing root washing. You deserve the most delicious and pure flowers.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds for Sale for Outdoor Cultivation

Growing autoflower seeds are an excellent option for outdoor growing. Basically, all you need is a sunny and reasonably warm climate for 2-3 months, and you can grow without problems. If you live in an area to the north, with colder weather and short summers, auto-flowering is your green and sticky lifeline. Where other varieties succumb, a resistant auto-flowering can get ahead. The Blue Cheese Automatic has proven to be a great candidate for outdoor cultivation in northern Europe.

In warmer climates, auto-flowering can produce multiple crops during the spring-autumn growing season. Some of the most interesting and vigorous strains can produce extraordinary and discrete harvests on balconies, terraces, or sunny plantations.

Final Thought

Growing autoflower seeds is not a complicated process. One can do it easily with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude. Formal training is not necessary, though can be very helpful. There are online tutorials on how to effectively do it. One major factor that will affect the growth of your autos is buying high-grade seeds, so check the best growing autoflower seeds for sale today!


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