Top 10 Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains

best hybrid marijuana strains

Hybrid marijuana strains are developed by crossbreeding of Sativa and Indica strains. The unique properties of hybrid marijuana strains allow much more personalized and efficient care to be received by the patients. These strains are grouped according to their capabilities and ability to yield balance great of Sativa and Indica effects. Since hybrid marijuana strains are a mixture of Sativa and Indica, both mind and body effects can be provided. They can be both relaxing and energizing at the same time, usually upon a particular strain breeding. 

Hybrid marijuana strain has come a long way. It is allowed to be used for medical and recreational purposes in some legal states. Apart from the fact that it makes it easy for producers to develop the best hybrid strains for their needs by growing their own marijuana hybrids, it also helps them to get the ideal hybrid cannabis high that is so suited to their particular personality. There’s a lot of misconceptions about marijuana out there, and you may feel even more confused when you go to your local dispensary. 

We will get to know more about marijuana strains in this article. And if you are considering cultivating your own marijuana, you must consider some of the best strains that are popular today. Below is the list of the top 10 best marijuana strains that you need, so keep reading!

Top 10 Hybrid Marijuana Strains 

Gorilla Glue 

Gorilla Glue is one of the strongest strains. It is filled with trichomes that give you heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation. This is a crossbreed of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. This is an Indica-dominant that contains 24 to 30% THC content. Some were wondering how come this type of hybrid marijuana strain is the most-talked among other strains, the reason is that this strain contains an insane amount of aromatic trichomes which result in a very excellent sweet flavor. It has an uplifting and relaxing effect on the users. This strain is a very good choice for medicinal users who find high-THC strains can give them relief and a calming vibe. One of the ‘must-have’ strains for every marijuana enthusiast out there. 

Cherry Pie 

Cherry Pie is a cross between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. It contains 16 to 18% of the THC levels. This strain is commonly used by patients who are suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorders, and Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Cherry Pie has great hybrid proportions that release a pine-like aroma with buds that are compact and have orange-purple color hairs. It certainly helps to increase or uplifts euphoria helps relax the body and mind and elevates the moods of a person.

Pineapple Express 

Pineapple express is the combination of potent and flavorful forces of Trainwreck strain and Hawaiian strain. This type of strain has predominant Sativa genetics. It has a very fast flowering period, and by the end of the flowering phase, the buds will be full of THC already. This type of weed can grow indoor and outdoor as long as the air temperature is normal – not too cold, and not too warm. The smell of this strain is very similar to the smell of fresh pineapple and mango. This strain is perfect for a workaholic individual because this can help them to be more productive and energetic.

Sour Diesel 

Sour Diesel or Sour D is a very popular strain and has a yellowish-green color, the flowers of Sour Diesel are sticky and have a smell similar to fuel. This particular best hybrid marijuana strain is popularly known for recreational and medical use because it has high Sativa for mind-altering and elusive relaxation Indica. The high of this strain happens immediately that brings a satisfying and instant warm head rush, that’s why this is ideal for those who are suffering from bipolar disorder or mood disorders and depression. As mentioned, this strain is a great deal for people who are experiencing mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression because this can help them ease the extension and have a positive mindset, energy, and thoughts. 

White Widow 

This is also one of the famous hybrid marijuana strains. White widow is a cross between Brazilian cannabis Sativa and South Indian Indica strain. It has a powerful punch of euphoria. This is also an energy booster. This particular best marijuana strain has a short period in terms of flowering which makes it perfect for cannabis plant producers or growers. It contains white crystal resin buds. White widow is a prominent strain in some coffee houses, especially in the Netherlands. Then its popularity eventually spread around the world.

Girls Scout Cookies 

Girls Scout Cookies or known as GSC is an Indica dominant plant, a crossbreed between Durban Poison strain and OG Kush strain. It has a sweet and earthy aroma, providing you euphoria that can make your body meet its full relaxation. This hybrid marijuana strain is loaded with 20% THC and that makes it very suitable for patients needing a strong dose of relief. This is a great strain for treating inflammation, chronic pain, cramps, and muscle tension. Additionally, many users use GSC strain as a stress reliever. 

Cash Express 

Cash Express is a combination of Skunk strain and Power Bud strain. Cash Express strain is a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa combination. The buds of this strain contain 18% THC content, this makes them quite powerful but not strong enough to satisfy a smoker. This type of stain has both stable genetics and the skunk component of the plant results in a stinky aspect and good yield. It has a pungent, spicy, and skunk taste and smell.

Larry Bird Kush 

This hybrid marijuana strain has been commenced as the ‘perfect’ hybrid. This strain is a crossbreed between Sunset Sherbet strain and Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It contains 26 % THC and only 1 % CBD. It provides the users with a minty and flowery taste and has the same aroma of fresh sweet grapes. Larry bird kush’s effects are uplifting, making you in a greater cerebral high. It makes it a perfect strain for consumers who are looking for an Indica flavor and smell keeping its physical effects. 

AK 47 

This hybrid marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a bright white color. AK 47 can give the users a very soothing feeling to the point that it can make the user stuck on his/her seat. Additionally, this strain can help you increase your work productivity. The users will get an uplifting, euphoric, and peaceful feeling after using AK 47. This strain is best to grow indoors with an average flowering time of approximately 7 to 9 weeks.

Chiquita Banana 

Chiquita Banana is a crossbreed between OG Kush strain and banana. It contains 33 percent level of THC perfect for patients struggling to overcome their tolerance barrier. Chiquita banana has a pleasingly tropical and sweet taste with subtle earthy hints that could make the users incredibly high. Moreover, this strain is an absolute mood motivator and provides a great boost. This can make the users very energetic therefore often consumed during the daytime. The flowering time is about 8-10 weeks and it is quite short. However, the short flowering period won’t affect the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned strains are the top 10 best hybrid marijuana strains with its corresponding effects and treatment to such illnesses. Hope you find this article relevant and informative. Always take note that choosing the best strain that will help cure your illness is an advantage. 

As you can see there are many options of best hybrid marijuana strains for you to choose as mentioned above. Whether you are looking for a cerebral head-high or glued-to-couch state of relaxation, hybrid marijuana strains got you covered. But you have to take note that over-consuming any hybrid marijuana strain while dealing with any mental condition can worsen the symptoms and can even add up to stress, anxiety, etc. It is best to get advice from any medical professional first before consuming any of these. Additionally, it is very important to know your limits when using those strains.

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