What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

top 10 feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are produced by using female crops that provide special treatment for hormones known as gibberellic acid. One effect of using such a hormone was that it would cause the female plants to grow male population marijuana flowers from its x-chromosome pollen. Once the female plants are fertilized using this pollen, they are really only likely to produce 100% female plants. It is likely to mean that the resultant plant developed from both of the feminized seeds contains the common flowers with crystal layer THC. It is because the seeds are selectively bred via the feminization process. In simple terms: they were modified for female plants to grow. We gathered the top 10 Feminized seeds on Crop King Seeds that you might want to check out:

TOP 10 Feminized Seeds

1. Crown Royale Feminized Seeds

This wonderfully feminized Crown Royale seed has become a signature strain of Crop King Seeds. Crown Royale is good for growing both indoors and outdoors and is ranked as moderate growth. This strain is Indica-dominant and contains a lot of properties typical to this genus.  The time to flower is around 9 weeks, after that, you can assume to see glistening buds coated with delicious resin to the last pore.

It has an intriguing, pungent aroma that signifies and lingers its presence from meters away for a long time. Its flavor is extremely seductive. One of Crown Royale’s key features is that it’s high on both CBD and THC.  

2. Green Crack Feminized

Feminized marijuana from Green Crack is a very well-known strain that is very much indica and grows outdoors and indoors. This strain’s THC content is pretty high above 21 percent and is mostly felt through a high full body.

A descendent of Skunk and Afghani superstars, this is a high-yielding strain that generates up to 600 g outdoors and 300 g indoors. This crop can become absolutely massive, so make sure you’ve got plenty of room to grow. Green Crack allows you to harvest large amounts of trichome-coated, sparkling buds.

This strain is ideal if you’re searching for a heavy body high that hits the hard. A few Green Crack hits and you’re going to be bound to your sofa, cherishing the citrus-like smell of those dank buds. Every muscle soothed and relaxed and in the hours that you spend under the influence of Green Crack, you can rest away from the tension of the whole week.

3. Purple Kush Feminized 

Purple Kush feminized weed is one of the most popular varieties of our time, having a distinctive purple hue and buds with orange and white hairs. One look is all it takes to set this plant apart from the others. Its aroma is strikingly pungent, so once a small Purple Kush strain placed into a room, there is no mistaking it.

This strain can thrive both outdoors and indoors and is labeled as an easy to moderate development. It takes an average number of days to bloom and the yields are great. This crop can produce dense buds of up of about 400 grams indoors and 250 grams when grown outdoors.

Purple Kush’s feminized THC content is remarkably high with over 24 percent. Purple Kush is not strongly psychedelic as with other high THC strains. Instead, while keeping the muscles comfortable and soothed makes the mind wandering happily, this pressure will keep you glued to the sofa for hours on end. For those lazy Sundays when you really want to fall asleep and experience a deep level of peace, this would be the perfect smoke.

4. White Widow Feminized

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In 1995, White Widow feminized cannabis ended up winning the Cannabis Cup thanks to the magnificent effects it generates when smoked. It produces a mighty burst of joy and energy while enhancing your imagination and making you want intense, insightful conversations. Thanks to its almost identical Indica to Sativa ratio 60:40, this strain is highly motivational while also soothing to your body. White Widow Feminized is one of the top 10 feminized seeds.

White Widow feminized cannabis has leaves that are bright green and white hairs and could grow more than 8 feet tall outside but should remain below 4 feet indoors or in hydroponics, soil, or LED lighting. The time taken for White Widow to grow will vary according to whether you grow it indoors and outdoors. When you want them to enter the flowering stage, you’ll need to change the light cycle.

5. Black Indica Feminized

This plant is not especially hard to grow or to care for. You can expect optimum yield simply by getting quality growing conditions for it.

This strain has a 12.94 % THC which is moderate-high and 2.5% CBD content which is relatively high. This is the kind of strain you’ll consume when you wanted to relax while still be able to socialize and connect with friends, having a tame indica effect. There are no symptoms of couch locking or psychedelics effects.

Medical cannabis patients often switch to Black Indica with its high percentage of CBD to defeat insomnia and seek solace from moderate body pain. This strain seems to be good for targeting areas of the body that experience mild sensations of aches and produces a lovely relaxing effect. If you are looking for medical properties or just want to have a good time as you go about your day, as usual, this is an excellent complement to your growing room.

6. Blue Cookies Feminized

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Feminized seeds from the blue cookies also deliver a pleasant smell, both sweet and fruity. This strain is gentle and has a deliciously sweet taste. Also, you can identify a berry flavor that makes this buds one of the best-tasting cannabis you can ever try.

This strain not only tastes and smells good, but it is also packed of THC, with a content range of up to 20.29%. This Indica-dominant variety reaches very quickly, beginning with a buzzing head high which can confuse the customer. You will then begin feeling an extreme physical high. You’ll feel content and comfortable at the very same time as both mentally and physically high combine. After that gets to wear down a bit, as you start feeling euphoric you will gain a sense of liberation.

7. Bubba Kush Feminized

Our Bubba Kush’s 17.79% THC, and 1.20% CBD.  This descendant of the  Original Kush and classic Bubble Gum can yield 300 grams and 500 grams outdoor. These incredibly huge numbers make your garden a ‘must-have.’

The impact of this strain is better defined as a full-body relaxing high. For hours on end, it will tie you to your pillow, allowing your mind to wander freely as you savor the feminized Bubba Kush’s delicious earthy tastes. The fragrance is a uniquely pungent and sweet combination. There is nothing not to like about this herb, from the scent to the aftertaste. One of the top 10 feminized seeds.

That strain also has medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana patients switch to Bubba Kush for pain relief and insomnia remedy of various kinds. The looked-after body buzz that is identified for this strain hasn’t ever neglected to relax the body and mind.

8. Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized

Cali OG Kush train is heavyweight, with a yield of 500 g when grown indoor and a 300 g outdoor. It is impossible to dismiss the THC content of this strain at more than 24 percent. Amnesia Haze and OG Kush are both immensely popular strains whose undeniably high potency and strong, lasting effects have made a name for themselves. This eventually results in cross hit a good combination among these two-parent strains’ effects, giving relief from pain and euphoria.

Cali OG Kush is the perfect solution as an uplifting strain for all those days were spent sifting over office works, achieving uninteresting work tasks, and attending meetings that screw up life out of you. Only have a taste of this pressure and you will happily spend the next hours, recharging slowly while your mind forgets your poor mood and tension.

9. Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana

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Offspring from Original Durban, named after its source in Durban, South Africa, the Durban Poison has the same extremely psychedelic impacts that are familiar to her parent. That’s no surprise considering the high THC content of this marijuana strain, which can reach 20%.

This can be grown outdoors and indoors, and its buds are often fat and strong and coated in dense layers of sparkling trichomes. You don’t even need to get nervous about smoking Durban Poison. The image of its huge, resin-flowing glands would be enough to make you salivate. The Durban Poison strain can produce up to 350 grams when grown outdoors, and 500 grams when grown indoors.

Besides the psychedelic consequences, the result of smoking this strain can be anticipated to be a euphoric high. They give your energy and creativity a boost. This is a perfect smoke for weeks when you’re about to be efficient or have to think up concepts for an important job or home projects. There is no after the impact of burnout.

10. Gelato Feminized Seeds

Besides the psychedelic consequences, the result of smoking this strain can be anticipated to be a euphoric high. They give your energy and creativity a boost. This is a perfect smoke for weeks when you’re about to be efficient or have to think up concepts for an important job or home projects. There is no after the impact of burnout.

This top 10 feminized seeds, as indica-dominant, just develop to a short and medium height, and hence is suitable for those who want to develop in an indoor environment and do not have too much mental space. It’s worth noting that this strain is hard to develop. While it can survive outdoors and indoors, growers need to employ the right strategies. Process monitoring is important. Using a growing tent is the best approach in an indoor environment because it is easier to track and it is possible to change the temperature and condition of the structure.

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