Top 10 Feminized Seeds in Canada

feminized seeds canada

One of the most exciting things has happened in Canada lately and this is the legalization of cannabis in the country. On October 17, 2018, Canada has declared cannabis use, growing, and selling legally in the country. If you plan to visit Canada and try out their delectable cannabis strains and purchase feminized seeds Canada then this is your chance to get the very best deals.  

And when it comes to the best seeds in Canadian cannabis markets, feminized seeds rule. I Love Growing Marijuana recommends growing feminized seeds Canada because these seeds make it easier for growers, especially first-time growers, to cultivate cannabis plants. Feminized seeds do not have male chromosomes, therefore, you have all-female plants to cultivate. 

When you grow feminized seeds Canada, you will be able to improve your overall yields, save on resources, money, and time and will also give you the satisfaction of growing healthier and livelier plants. Compared to growing photoperiod seeds, you don’t need to worry about males and removing male plants.   

What makes feminized seeds Canada better? 

Canada is the home to top strains, no doubt that all feminized seeds that come from this country are of the best quality. What makes feminized seeds better? Not only will you be able to grow only female plants, but you will also profit from all the female plants that you will grow. No need to remove males, discard plants that you will never use, and most of all, you can grow your plants in a stress-free environment. Check out the top 10 feminized seeds in Canada that’s making waves in the market today. 

O.G. Kush 

OG Kush is a very popular cannabis strain that has been responsible for a number of amazing and captivating strains that were made on the West Coast. This strain was born in 1995 after being transferred from Florida by Imperial Genetics. You will find several OG Kush phenotypes which include Tahoe Kush, Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Diablo OG, and Ghost OG. This is a feminized strain that has retained its amazing popularity for decades now. This has a very strong and potent effect that gives you a lot of value for your money. This is an Indica dominant strain that will not grow tall. It will remain short therefore it works well for indoor growing. You will get a yield of about 50 or 60 grams each. OG Kush is also grown and consumed for its ability to remove stress and depression. This has natural mood-enhancing effects that make it an effective natural treatment. OG Kush also has the ability to remove pain because of its very potent analgesic effects. 

Royal Gorilla 

Another very potent strain is Royal Gorilla. This was made by Royal Queen Seeds and the same company brought this strain to the US because at that time it was still not commercially available in the region.  Royal Gorilla has a high THC level of 25% with some phenotypes with higher than 30% depending. With this strain, you will be soaring the tallest mountain. Like most high THC strains, you will be able to experience that very popular couch-locked effect. If this is your first time to appreciate Royal Gorilla then you must take it moderately before you jump in.  

As with other high THC strains, you can use Royal Gorilla for different medical conditions like stress and depression. This strain has natural mood-elevating properties which let it treat depression and anxiety naturally. You will be able to depend on this strain’s potent analgesic properties. You can use this to cure headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and more. This can also treat pain and inflammation. If you suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness then this is the right strain for you.   

Power Flower 

Power Flower was Power Plant and is known as one of the most popular strains born in Amsterdam. Consume this strain and you will find its effects relaxing and very stimulating. This strain will also provide you good yields and the fact that it is very easy to grow makes it an ideal strain for first-time growers.  Just a tip: growers in the northern latitudes would need more skills to grow Power Flower but growers from warmer climates will find it easy to get 65 to 85-gram yield.  

Northern Lights 

Northern Lights is a very popular strain that has possibly fathered (or mothered) quite a large number of strains. Some of these may be strains that you may have enjoyed before. Northern Lights is an indica strain with very resinous yields. It is quick flowering and can be resilient to various plant diseases and pests. This indica strain was created by combining an Afghani and Thai landrace strain. Northern Lights has fathered the Shiva Skunk and the Super Silver Haze as well as other very interesting and potent strains. Northern Lights is also popular for its unique pungent, sweet, and spicy aroma from its large and dense buds. This comes with an intense high and a comfortable relaxing effect that ends in a state of dreamy euphoria. Northern Lights can also be used to treat stress and depression. This strain may be used to deal with stress relief, to address insomnia, and to reduce headaches and muscle pains.  

Royal Moby 

Royal Moby comes from Royal Queen Seeds. This is a very popular strain due to the fact that it is easy to grow and has high yields. Royal Moby is a Sativa dominant strain, therefore, it will grow tall and wide to a height of two meters indoors and three meters in an outdoor setting. Royal Moby is a plant that requires a lot of room to grow and flower, therefore, it is a good strain to cultivate. Royal Moby has an uplifting effect. This will make you feel euphoric and at the same time very relaxed. Some consumers felt energetic and ready to do any kind of project or task after taking Royal Moby. This strain can remove stress and depression. It can help with pain due to its very strong analgesic properties. It will be able to treat physical and mental fatigue.  

Skunk XL 

Skunk XL is a popular strain that is responsible for the potent lineage of many strains we have come to enjoy today. This is a Sativa dominant strain created by the combination of Columbian, Mexican, and Afghan strains. Skunk XL is easy to grow and it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Commercial growers of this strain also adore this because it gives huge yield and very quick flowering time. When this is grown indoors, you can get 65 and 75 grams. Skunk XL comes with a fantastic fruity flavor and will give you a strong and quick high. 

Fruit Spirit 

Fruit Spirit is a very strong strain that you can grow indoors or outdoors. But the best way to grow it is to cultivate it outdoors. This comes with a sweet and tasty flavor which is like craving for dessert. Fruit Spirit comes with a fantastic berry flavor created by the combination of a Blueberry and White Widow. Fruit Spirit gives you a pleasant head high. There is a wonderful sense of happiness that will ease your mind. Cannabis lovers will adore this strain’s flavor. Fruit Spirit is a small plant that grows just under one meter indoors with an average yield of 30 to 40 grams. Outdoor growing will give you a larger plant with improved yields. This comes with an 8-week flowering time but will need extra care during harvest time so you can retain its fruity flavor. 

Amnesia Haze 

Amnesia Haze was created from potent and famous haze strains from Holland by an American expatriate. This strong strain creates a psychedelic cerebral high that haze varieties are known for. This may be grown outdoors or indoors but if you want to get the most out of this strain you must grow it indoors to monitor the plant’s growing environment. Amnesia Haze has won Cannabis Cup contests which prove that it is an excellent strain to grow. You will get up to 70 to 80 grams from a single meter-tall plant given that you grow this in the best environment.  

White Widow 

White Widow is from the Netherlands and was made by combining a Brazilian pure Sativa strain and an Indian Indica strain. This is a very popular strain which is why it is available in most seedbanks all over the world. It is said that almost all seedbanks have their own variety of White Widow strain. This White Widow strain is ideal for first-time growers because it is easy to grow and can be grown even in cold climates. White Widow is definitely a feminized seed Canada strain that you must try.

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Critical gives a high yield; it is easy to grow and is very potent which is why it is sought by many recreational cannabis users. It provides a relaxed high that you will experience every time you smoke it. This can produce an average of 65 to 75 grams per one-meter plant. The flowering time is short and is as quick as only seven weeks.

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