Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

feminized marijuana seeds online

Have you ever considered buying cannabis seeds online? If you have then you may have seen all the wonderful varieties of cannabis seeds offered by online seedbanks. You will find different marijuana strains, types of seeds and a wide array of cannabis types you can purchase online. Sometimes it could be very difficult to shop with all the things to keep in mind and to consider. But ask any well-informed online shopper and you will be surprised that they would mostly buy feminized marijuana seeds. What makes feminized seeds better than regular seeds and other seed types? 

Feminized seeds are better than regular seeds 

No doubt that seedbanks that sell feminized marijuana seeds online are likely to offer their feminized seeds than other seeds. According to Leafly, feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that don’t have the male chromosome. You will be able to confidently grow all female seeds all the time with feminized seeds. Because there are no male plants to worry about, you can use your time, money and effort to tend to all your female plants.  

10 things to remember before you purchase feminized seeds 

1. Trust only reputable seedbanks to purchase feminized marijuana seeds 

You must select a reputable seed bank where you will purchase your seeds. Many claim to be the best seed bank for feminized cannabis seeds but fail to provide good products or service. You must be wary of these sites and prevent this from happening by purchasing only from seedbanks that you trust. 

There are ways to find out if a seed bank online will provide reliable service. First, read online reviews of the site. Find out what customers have to say regarding the seed bank’s products, their service, their promos and more. Look for genuine reviews coming from people you know and from respectable people in the industry.  

Check the seed bank’s FAQ to get to know the company more. Find out about its goals and its rules on deliveries, payments, discounts, and returns. Reputable seedbanks have complete contact information and have error-free information regarding their products.                                                                                                                                                 

2. Learn all about the cannabis strain you are buying 

Before you even order your feminized marijuana seeds, find out more about the strain you want to order. Preferably, grow strains that have almost the same growing environment as your environment. The climate of the area plays a large role when it comes to choosing the right strain. You must also learn about the flowering times, harvest times, yield amounts, the plant height, and the strain’s lineage. Understanding the strain’s background or where it came from will also give you an idea of how tall or how wide the strain may be. You need all these pieces of information to be able to create an appropriate growing area for your plants so that these will be able to survive and grow more yields. 

Where to find the most updated and reliable information on different marijuana strains? Check out Leafly. This online cannabis leader comes with in-depth information about different strains, a map where you can find the strain near you, some techniques and tips, and tons of information about growing, harvesting, consuming and medicating using cannabis. You may also find other sites like I Love Growing Marijuana and Royal Queen Seeds; these sites only offer the latest information on different cannabis strains.  

3. Keep in mind that legal laws on cannabis matter from where you are located 

Before even buying cannabis online or offline, refer to your local laws for any regulation against cannabis. For instance, your country, state or province may have very strict laws regarding consumption, purchasing and the selling of cannabis. If it is not allowed to buy cannabis in your area then you might consider other ways to buy feminized cannabis. Instead of buying online, consider buying from a local store or shop. Reduce any run-ins from authorities by staying safe when you buy seeds online.

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4. Take note of special deals, discounts and special offers  

When you’re buying anything online, it is natural to look for online seedbanks that will give you the best deals. It is natural to look for ways to give the best value out of your money. Therefore you must look for special deals, discounts, and offers from seed bank sites. Compare one offer from another so you can find the best one. Look for companies that will provide free local deliveries, free shipment, free stealth deliveries, free seeds and more. You will be able to find good deals from reputable websites too. 

Read about the deal’s terms and conditions, check for expiry dates and inclusions. The special deal or offer must be clear to you to prevent any miscommunication and confusion. 

5. Any local seedbanks near you to buy feminized cannabis seeds? 

Before you even order online for feminized marijuana seeds, look for seedbanks that do offer this type of seed in your locale. Ordering from local seedbanks will let you save on the price of seeds, the cost of deliveries and shipment and taxes. Locally purchasing your seeds will also reduce any worries about your orders being seized in customs. You won’t have to be anxious about missed deliveries or seed germination during delivery. You can immediately take your seeds home and grow them if the climate permits.   

6. Check if there are stealth deliveries available 

One of the ways to protect your orders from authorities and from customs seizing your packages is to have these delivered via stealth shipment. Stealth delivery makes it easier and safer to deliver packages to anywhere. Your order will be placed in an unmarked box or container and then shipped to you. You may also have your feminized cannabis shipped using stealth items like placing these inside souvenir items such as frames, toys, collectible items, and CDs. There are so many ways seeds can be shipped safely to your location. Check if these are offered by the online seed bank that you wish to order from.   

7. Should you buy seeds in bulk? 

Another thing to consider is if you want to buy feminized marijuana seeds online in bulk. Buying in bulk will save you money and time. If you want to grow more plants for recreational or medicinal purposes then buying in bulk seems to be the most practical way to do it.  

Not all online seedbanks offer this service. Some may only sell regular seeds that are contained in regular breeder’s packaging which means seeds are only available in 5, 6 or 10 seeds per pack. You must, therefore, look closely for seedbanks that offer bulk orders. If you cannot find a good seed bank online then you may just have to rely on local seedbanks for bulk orders instead.

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8. Check for the viability of seeds and guarantee on the viability 

One thing that’s very hard to deal with when buying cannabis seeds online is that you won’t be able to check and attest the quality of the seeds you will purchase. How do you find out the quality when you can’t hold or inspect the seeds when you order?  

You have no choice. You need to trust the company you are ordering from. One way to build trust is that seed bank companies offer germination guarantees to their customers. Usually, the sites would say that they guarantee 100% germination or some may offer returns or replacement seeds in case of non-germination. Look for these before you start ordering your seeds.  

9. Find out about the seed bank site’s payment options 

Another important thing that you must check before you purchase feminized cannabis seeds is the site’s payment options. The site must have at least all the favorite payment options like credit card, bank transfers, Western Union payments and cash on delivery. There are more payment options but these have to be the most in-demand and reliable methods.  

You might find online seeds sites that take cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin has become popular online, not all companies offer this option. Some people don’t even have Bitcoin and some are unaware that it exists. Simply put, it’s better to trust your money to companies that understand what you are looking for.  

10. Take note of the seed bank’s contact details 

The seed banks contact details matter a lot. For instance, you need to return your order or you need to change anything about your order then you would need to call, email or chat with a representative to do this.  

You need a seed bank with important contact information like the company’s phone number, customer contact information, business or physical address and email address. Some reliable seed bank sites even have a live chat service so you can speak to a live agent and resolve any issue.  

So if you are looking for the best-feminized cannabis seeds online, don’t be in a hurry. Shop smart so you can find the ideal recreational or medicinal cannabis seeds strains that will work well for your growing needs. Shopping smart is also the best way to get the best value out of your money online.   

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