Top Feminized Marijuana Seeds Available in the Market Now

top feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized Marijuana seeds symbolize the peak in quality, potency, and genetics in the field of cannabis production. They are the products of advanced feminizing methods and multi-stage breeding processes that ensure the optimum stability of the seeds with the sole purpose of giving rise to the only female population. Feminized marijuana seeds are especially helpful because they can increase and maximize the production of cannabis to considerable folds. How? Female Marijuana plants are considered the real deal in the cannabis industry because it is them that are able to produce sensimillia which contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), utilized both medically and recreationally, and not the male plants. If all of the seeds grow to become high-quality females, just imagine how much yield you will later on the harvest. It will be just enormous and simply gratifying.

Since its introduction up until today, feminized Marijuana seeds have taken their rightful place in the market superior to the other kinds which share the same purpose as they do. They have been enjoying this certain popularity among many growers because of the multitudes of benefits they can offer. For over the years now, many have ventured into producing these well-known seeds, from humble home organic growers to the elite large-scale commercial operations, which is why these types of seeds are widely available in the market. But with the tremendous increase in the number of Feminized Marijuana seeds, it’s a little hard to tell what type of strain to choose. Selecting the best feminized seeds can be handled well and easy when you know which strains are the bestsellers among the pack. Some of the top feminized Marijuana seeds available in the market today are the following:

Arjan’s Haze #1 feminized seeds 

Popular for its capacity to produce plants with an extremely high concentration of THC that delivers maximum psychoactive effects. Its popularity was even more solidified as it won the first place of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004.

Feminized Blueberry seeds

Famous for its high THC content and long shelf life and higher yield is guaranteed. Blueberry is highly coveted by many breeders and growers because of its high quality. It won the first prize in the High Times Cup in 2000 and third prize in the following year.

Dutch Dragon seeds 

The Dutch Dragon won the first place of the Highlife Cannabis Cup in 2006. This is especially famous for its long-lasting clear high effects without the heavy feeling.

Euphoria Feminized seeds

One of the favorites of the many growers and breeders which won the first place of the Highlife Cup in 2002, and Second place of High Times Cup in 2000.

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