What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

what are feminized marijuana seeds

A lot of people are asking “What are feminized marijuana seeds plant?”, the feminized cannabis seeds are specially made to make sure that it will only produce or grow female plants. Unlike the male marijuana plants that only give seeds, and female marijuana can only give potent buds.  If you don’t want to have any male marijuana plants in your marijuana garden, then feminized marijuana seeds are the best option.

Why Feminized Marijuana?

Feminized marijuana strain is very efficient for both outdoor and indoor areas when grown. Resources, time, and space are not given to the plants that need to be thrown away after two weeks of 12-12 flip. Likewise, an outdoor environment where huge plants can use a lot of resources and time to keep up mainly to the flowering stage, the feminized marijuana plant is also a good thing to lessen guerilla crop pollinating

How to Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

There’s a lot of ways on how to create feminized cannabis seeds. One, you can do spraying on your female pot plot with silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver, to manage the sex of your marijuana plants with changing its genetics characteristics. The growers can also use a simple process which is to stress out the female marijuana plant while flowering. 

There are still things that can affect your success while the method work. If you’re a new grower, you might want to try creating your own feminized marijuana seeds thought it takes time, money, and effort. 

How was the First Feminized Marijuana Seeds Were Created? 

In modern times, growers make use of the new technologies just to feminize marijuana seeds that can result in a success rate of nearly 100%. In the first attempts on feminizing marijuana seeds can use two female marijuana plants. One of them should have a hermaphroditic proneness; which a plant that needs to produce male flowers when it is exposed to stress.

The hermaphrodite was intentionally stressed by exposure to less light cycle or pruning. Its goal was to uplift it to make male marijuana flowers. Pollens from this marijuana flowers were put to the other female marijuana plants. The major issue with this method is that the pollen produces female plants that would usually turn intersexual. This was the characteristic that inherited by any feminized marijuana seeds made using these techniques. 

Why Do you Need to Grow Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

There’s a lot of reason why cannabis growers begin their marijuana garden from the feminized seeds. One of these is that they are detaching the guesswork of cultivating the male plants from the batch of seeds that gives them simple growing methods, that can save time, space, and money. 

If you lived in a state where laws give a limited amount of cannabis plants in your own garden, then the best option for that is you should make sure that you will only be going to grow female marijuana with feminized seeds. If you want to grow best-feminized marijuana plants. 

Male marijuana plants don’t maximize the space in your marijuana garden, though it can mess up your whole work as they are pollinating your female plants. Apart from that, female or male plants don’t show their sexes while in the early growing stage. Consequently, growers are spending a lot of resources and time to wait for the sexes to appear. 

Choosing the Right Feminized Seeds To Grow

Getting the right feminized marijuana seeds depends on the preferences of the growers and their purpose of growing marijuana. If they would like to have a cerebral high, then they should have a feminized Sativa strain or they would like a body high buzz the indica strain is a perfect strain. Growing troubles may have to differ depending on what kind of strain you would like to grow or cultivate.

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