What are the benefits of growing female Marijuana seeds?

benefits of growing female Marijuana seeds

The introduction of feminized Marijuana seeds to the market has brought enormous changes to the once painful processes cannabis growers have to go through just in order to collect potent and high quality buds during the harvest time. These specialized types of seeds have smoothly eased and tremendously maximized the production of cannabis by considerable folds compared to the yield generated from growing regular seeds. The creation of these seeds is certainly an essential breakthrough in the Marijuana industry.

What are these seeds? 

Feminized Marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds produced by various chemical and organic treatments from feminizing methods and multi- stage breeding processes to become viably stable and grow only to become female Marijuana plants. Technically, these seeds are the products of the fertilization between female Marijuana plants and pollens of hermaphroditic (hermy) Marijuana plants which contain the qualities of both female and male cannabis plants. Marijuana plants only become hermaphrodites when they are stressed and their growing environment are becoming unfavourable and hostile. They turned into this state only to ensure the survival of their kind through self- pollination under these conditions. And in the process, the hermy plants give off pollens which are then collected and used to fertilize other females. This inherent trait of the Marijuana plants is the idea behind the creation of feminized Marijuana seeds. Most of today’s large scale operations employed certain chemical methods to cause Marijuana plants to become hermy, and both female plants and pollens from the hermy plants undergo multi- stage breeding to stabilize the seeds.

How can these seeds benefit you?

If you’re an experienced grower, you should have realized by now how beneficial feminized seeds are. Or and if you are still planning to try growing marijuana for yourself, feminized seeds are the best types to start with. You will never go wrong with these highly stabilized seeds. The following benefits of feminized seeds will help you get rid of those doubts if there are any:

  • The process of sexing marijuana plants and plucking away male plants among the pack is a very painful process and time consuming. This holds especially true when you grow regular marijuana seeds that can produce either male or female plants. You won’t have to go through that tedious process when you grow feminized marijuana seeds since these can only give rise to female plants, gone are the male plants already.

Growing feminized seeds will enormously maximize your production and give you considerably higher yield because they will only grow to become female plants that give off buds which are high in THC content.

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