What are the characteristics of Female Marijuana?

characteristics of Female Marijuana

If you are a marijuana grower chiefly looking for potent cannabis buds that can be used both medically and recreationally, then for sure you just want to see your seeds grow into female marijuana plants. Why? Because the females are the only ones with medicinal value for its high THC content that make them potent while males run short with the level, they only contain a little amount of the THC. With this, you want nothing more than the female plants and can’t wait to get rid of those male plants among the packs.

But distinguishing female from male marijuana plants can be a little tricky especially to the untrained eyes. Certainly, you don’t want to be wrong on this for you might end up plucking the entire population of females. But once you are starting to grow your own Marijuana, you will get to familiarize the different characteristics exhibited by two different sexes.  The female attributes are quite different from that of the males to be mistaken, but as mentioned above if you are new nothing is easy and everything seems hard. But just allow yourself some time, and you will surely ace this part of growing marijuana. It will just be a matter of time.

Shorter in height

When Marijuana plants approach the flowering phase of their growth, females tend to appear a little shorter in height compared to the males. This is a good way to start identifying which is which.

Flowers not buds 

Female Marijuana plants will not have any buds instead they have flowers that when allowed to grow until maturity without being pollinated by males will give rise to the most valuable sinsemilla. Sinsemilla flowers are much preferred because they contain higher THC level and they do not produce seeds and will give off sweet and gentle smoke without the heavy feeling.

The pistils 

These small hair-like structures that appear to be in “V” shape are the most distinguishing characteristics of female Marijuana plants. Pistils contain two long slender stigmas which collect pollens released in the air by the male plants and subsequently deliver them internally to the ovaries which will fertilize the eggs and eventually become the seeds.

High THC content 

Female marijuana plants contain higher levels of THC than the male ones. This is the reason why females are much favoured by many because of their potency and medically inclined quality than the males

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