What are the Special Features of Female Marijuana?

special features of female marijuana

As you know, to be able to pursue reproduction, there must be two opposing genders present that shares their organs to form a new life. The case of medical pot is the same. There are also two known genders in their community. The female ones are also the ones responsible for reproduction getting the pollens from the males which produce pollen sacs. Females however are preferred free from pollination because they do not reduce the amount of THC they have. Once they become pollinated, they focus on reproduction rather than on their growth. Know the special features of female marijuana.

What are the special features of the Female Medical pot?

Female medical marijuana is usually grown in a separate room from the males in the rowers’ intention is to keep the herbs rather than the production of the seeds. This is to keep their THC level at the utmost point to make them even more suitable for the treatment of symptoms.

One special feature of the females is their abundance in resin which inhibits the THC. Common to all strains is their higher level of THC compared to the males of the same strain. This is the reason why most growers choose to grow females rather than males because the latter have comparably low THC where the effects are generally lower.

Another special feature of the female medical marijuana is their ability to form out new seeds once they get in touch with the pollens coming from the male medical pot. When the intention of the growers is to breed new strains, they usually let pollination occur or even start off pollination on their discretion. When female medical cannabis become pollinated, their focus stays on the reproduction to form new seeds rather than on their growth. This is reducing the THC levels of the females as their growth is hindered.

What makes female medical marijuana the top choice of the growers?

The special features of female marijuana usually yield a lot. More buds and leaves technically mean more medication. Even if they are small in size, their yields are very high that they tend to have more lovers. In every strain, there exists more yield in the females rather than on the males. Growers use females not just for the production of the resin but also in their breeding. Females make the best as mother strains for their new breeds. They are top choices even for cuttings too.

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