What Can You Get From Smoking Pure Sativa Strains

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Cannabis plants can be sativa, indica or ruderalis. It can also be a hybrid of two or three species creating sativa dominant strains, indica dominant strains, and hybrid indica and ruderalis or sativa ruderalis plants. Each of these strains offers unique properties and effects. But when it comes to uplifting highs and awesome cerebral awakenings, cannabis sativa strains are more popular. This is why pure sativa seeds for sale are available in almost all cannabis seedbanks. Royal Queen Seeds says that growers usually choose sativa strains because these strains offer the best highs and cool cerebral effects. Definitely, you won’t forget your first sativa high!

Characteristics of pure sativa strains

Pure sativa strains may take longer to flower compared to pure indica strains but still, growers are rewarded by fruitful yields. Take the legendary Haze strain which can take about 12 weeks to finish in an indoor growing setup. This has a medicinal high that is sought by experienced connoisseurs.

Cannabis sativa strains are from leading marijuana growing countries like Thailand, Mexico, India, and Colombia. Sativa strains are perfect for people who love cannabis, especially during daytime. The amazing high is perfect for completing work, pushing deadlines and for any creative work that has to be done ASAP. If you are the type who finds it very hard to work and you always look for some kind of motivation then you surely need pure sativa strains.

Top 10 cannabis sativa strains to check out

If you are still skeptical about using sativa strains, check out the following top sativa strains in the market today

  1. Power Flower

Power Flower is a pure sativa strain that is designed for commercial growers who want high yields. This is for indoor growers because it can give you fruitful yields up to 650 grams per square meter using a 600-watt light. When you grow this outdoors, the plant will grow well in warm climates. Power Flower grows well in climates similar to California or Italy. It offers a smooth and energetic high which will let you work on projects as you hum your favorite tune. You will love its sweet and sour flavor that seems to smell like limes and lemons. Power Flower may be the pure sativa strain you need for anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

  1. Royal AK

Royal AK is from Royal Queen Seeds. It was made by the union of the best cannabis landrace strains indigenous to Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Thailand. You can grow this indoors or outdoors. Indoor growers should use special carbon filters to reduce the strong smell of diesel emitted by Royal AK. When grown outdoors, you can expect better yields and plants that can provide you with moderate THC levels at 18%. Royal AK gives you a wonderful cerebral high that will surely work best in the morning. Mental and physical fatigue, as well as stress and anxiety, are no match to the potent effects of Royal AK strain.

  1. Dance World

Dance World was made by crossing two popular phenotypes of Dance Hall. This heavenly sativa has a Mexican and Afghan lineage which is why it’s potent and very much in demand. Dance World’s height may also be something that will surprise you. It is short but no doubt that you can get more yields from this strain. You can count on Dance World’s good uplifting and energetic high to keep you moving even if you have had a tough night. This strain offers weed with high CBD making it a good strain for people with pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

  1. Haze Berry

Haze Berry is a combination of a Blueberry and a Haze. It is a classic strain that provides amazing medicinal effects and a fantastic cerebral high. You will love its sweet flavor and energizing high that will work with people who need a push during the day. Haze Berry will provide you with amazing yields. You can further boost your plants’ yields by applying special training like pruning, topping, and filming.  With sativa growth characteristics, these huge plants will grow nicely indoors or outdoors. Train a Haze Berry early so you can rest assured of good yields.

  1. Royal Madre

Royal Madre is a new sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was made by crossing a Jack the Ripper and Queen Madre. This strain offers 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. It has a balanced THC and CBD levels, Therefore it is an ideal therapeutic strain for a variety of conditions like pain, headaches, anxiety, and stress. Royal Madre is ideal for growers who need a fast-maturing plant. You can bet that this strain from Royal Queen Seeds will be ready for harvest in just a matter of eight weeks.

  1. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a plant that works great for indoor or outdoor marijuana growers. This strain will surprise you with maximum yields and will surely change the way you will use sativa strains. You will get an immediate cerebral high plus psychedelic overtones. When you grow Amnesia Haze indoors, you can get up 600 grams per square meter and when grown outdoors, you can bet that you will get more yields than cultivating Amnesia Haze indoors. Take Amnesia Haze in the morning to help you shed anxiety and depression. Use during the daytime and you will surely accomplish more tasks faster and easier. And because of its potent effects, this strain will work perfectly for pain relief, headaches, muscle pains, and nausea.

  1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is probably one of the most popular and potent sativa cannabis strain. This is well-known by growers and breeders because it is mostly used to create more strains. In fact, Sour Diesel has been used to parent different strains and this is because of its very potent high. Sour Diesel’s delicious lemony scent and taste will surely be something that you will remember forever. This strain is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing. You can immediately see from the plant’s characteristics and physical appearance that it is sativa dominant. It has a huge structure and very large branches loaded with resinous buds. Sour Diesel will be ready for harvest in as quick as 10 weeks of growing. And because of these characteristics, growers prefer this strain over others.

  1. Shining Silver Haze

There are a large number of strains well all love to enjoy today that’s fathered by Haze. This is a pure Sativa strain that will make you more energetic and upbeat. Royal Queen Seeds have their own Shining Silver Haze that will provide you with genetics that has been trusted for years.  Shining Silver Haze came from very potent parents Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. This strain is perfect for growing indoors or outdoors. Yields of this plant are guaranteed to be better than other Haze counterparts. It loves to be under the full sun when grown outdoors but indoor growers can expect yields up to 450 grams per square meter. Those who consume cannabis regularly agree that the taste and instant high of Shining Silver Haze are perfect for a daytime high. You will feel very uplifted, focused and creative after taking Shining Silver Haze. This strain will give you the kick that pure sativas are known for.

  1. Royal Moby

Royal Moby strain comes from Dutch growers with a moderately high THC content which is a characteristic of a strong sativa strain. Moby Dick was the winner of Girl of the Year given by Soft Secrets in 2010. This strain has short flowering times and high yields, therefore, growers adore the Royal Moby strain. It is extremely useful for stress relief and for reducing depression due to its mood elevating effects. This strain can also help with pain due to its very potent analgesic effects. You can use Royal Moby to deal with nausea and fatigue which are common effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments.  Royal Moby plants grow huge branches with flowering times as quick as ten weeks.

  1. Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit was made by the marriage of very potent strains. The breeder was trying to make a potent strain with a rich, mellow flavor that gives a satisfying high.  Fruit Spirit was fathered by one of the sweetest skunk strains, therefore, it’s easy to see why it’s very popular almost everywhere. This is ideally suited to indoor or outdoor growing and can be cultivated by novice as well as experienced growers. You can easily harvest up to 400 grams per square meter using 600 watts of light. Outdoor growers can have a plant that grows to more than two meters tall and can provide up to 1000 grams. This is why more growers prefer to cultivate Fruit Spirit outdoors than indoors. This strain is also popular for its daytime effects. You can use this if you need to work on a project or you have to follow deadlines. This strain will give you a boost. All you need to do is to find legit pure sativa seeds for sale from online seedbanks or from local suppliers.

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