What do Cannabis Seeds Look Like

what cannabis seeds look like

If you are new to growing cannabis or using cannabis, you might be wondering what do marijuana seeds look like? To find out what cannabis seeds look like, you must learn what makes cannabis seeds healthy and viable. This is because seeds can only be good when these have sprouted.

Civilized Life says that healthy plants start with quality seeds. Being able to distinguish between a dud and a viable seed can make cannabis growing easier.

Quality marijuana seeds

Being able to distinguish between a dud and a potential winner can make growing marijuana that much easier. It is also necessary to judge seed quality because you might end up with a batch of non-germinating or unviable seeds. There are many reasons for this and for a large part, it stems from marijuana’s illegal status and the difficulty of shipping cannabis seeds to the U.S. and other areas in the world where use and growing of cannabis are illegal. Many of the seeds you will purchase may have been processed and packaged quickly and could also be mishandled when shipped.

If you want to get top quality seeds you should get these from a reputable seed bank online. There are marijuana seedbanks that have high-quality feminized seeds to the US and Canada and germination is guaranteed. Follow the instructions that come with every seed package carefully so every seed will germinate. There are also some seedbanks that will offer a replacement for non-germinating seeds.

Purchasing your seeds from black market dealers is hazardous. The dealers usually don’t have an idea where their seeds are from while some may know where but the seeds come from questionable sources. Usually, when large commercial growers are harvesting cannabis, they don’t really care whether the seeds have been allowed to remain inside the female plant to completely mature. All they care about is that weed has been harvested, dried, and sold to customers as quickly as possible. These seedbanks don’t really care about the growth of their company or their products but are just interested in making a profit out of their low-quality products.

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Basically, this is true no matter where you purchase your cannabis seeds or cannabis products. Dealers and sellers will naturally want to make huge profits and take advantage of users and growers who are very eager to buy. But, knowing which seeds will sprout and which ones will not is an advantage for you. You will be able to increase the rate at which your seeds will sprout. According to growers, it is rare for more than one-third of the seeds you purchased or in a batch will produce a sprout. This is a very low percentage but if you can throw out duds before you even germinate your seeds then you can significantly improve your odds of growing more yields.

Most likely you want to work with mature seeds because these seeds usually sprout faster and sometimes even without any hesitation. You can easily tell which seeds are viable when you see seeds that are brown with patterns like stripes, dots, and swirls. Seeds that are colored white or light green are not ready to sprout and will never germinate at all even if you use any kind of method. Usually, these seeds are from plants that were harvested too early. There’s no harm in trying to sprout these seeds but the possibility of any seed sprouting is very, very low. When looking for mature seeds, pay special attention to the rounder, fatter seeds in a group. These seeds will have the highest chances of surviving and sprouting. These will also be able to give you good yields as well.

Just like any crop a successful cannabis harvest starts with top-quality seeds but knowing. Here is a way to identify the best ones. Take note that these techniques have been used by growers and breeders who have years of experience in growing different kinds of strains.

What cannabis seeds look like

  • Cannabis seeds appearance and color

High-quality seeds have particular qualities that set them apart from other seeds that may not be as healthy and viable. Viable seeds are usually dark in color like brown, tan, or black. Meanwhile, immature seeds are lighter with colors like white, yellow, and pale green. There are some growers who claim that the best seeds have dark spots or stripe patterns with a healthy shine similar to the floor with a fresh coat of wax.

  • The size and shape of seeds

You can tell that the seeds you have are top quality by their size and shape. This is when you can compare several seeds side-by-side. The largest seeds usually are the most symmetrical round or teardrop-shape and these are the best quality. Usually, immature seeds are small and have an irregular shape. These may have dents, creases, holes, or any irregular shape.

  • Hardiness and durability of seeds

You can tell that you have good seeds when the hard outer shell is smooth and are uncracked. On the other hand, seeds have soft surfaces that crinkle, crack, or crumble completely quite easily are immature seeds and will never sprout no matter how long you germinate these.

  • How old your seeds are

If you know how old mature seeds are then you will have a better idea of how viable they are. Like all genetic material, cannabis seeds will lose their viability and will degrade over time. No doubt that freshly harvested seeds are usually more viable than ones that are already months or years old. Therefore you must learn how to properly store your seeds to preserve its viability. You should keep seeds in a cool, dark place just like a freezer so they don’t rot or won’t develop mold.

  • The float test

Another way to check if the seeds are viable is through the “float test.” This is an easy way to check if a seed is viable or will never germinate All you need to do is to place your seeds in a glass full of water. A simple drinking glass will do. Let your seeds remain and settle in the glass for a while. If the seeds sink, then these seeds are viable and will sprout. The heavy viable material inside the seeds makes the seeds sink. You must keep these seeds because these will germinate when placed in an ideal germination environment.

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The seeds that float are seeds that are light and have no viable insides. You must discard these seeds because these won’t germinate at all. You should do this right before you plant the seed because water saturation can cause the seed to develop mold or decay.

  • The press test

Another simple way to find out if what cannabis seeds look like is viable or not is by testing the strength of the seeds. Place a seed in between your thumb and forefinger and then lightly press on it. If it does not budge, press on it harder. If it remains intact then you have viable seed. Seeds that are easily pressed, are soft and are already open may not be viable at all so be very careful.

Sometimes what cannabis seeds look like need a little bit of help to germinate. There are some seeds that are simply too hard. One way is to submerge the seeds in warm water overnight. This will soften the seed coat and will help open the seeds fast. Remove the seeds from the warm water once you see the taproot emerging. Otherwise, let the seed stay no more than 24 hours in water.

Another way is to use a small file and to file the surface of the seed. File a small opening on the seed. Once you see the taproot, stop filing and place the seed in water to soften these. You may also use a small knife and try to open the seed. Make a small slit using the sharp edge of the knife. Open the seed just enough to see the taproot.

  • Handling the taproot

After the taproot has emerged, you need to handle this with utmost care. Never touch this structure or at least avoid touching it especially when you are transplanting your seeds because this can cause stress to your plants. The taproot will grow longer and this is a sign that the seedlings are now ready to be transferred to their growing medium or a larger pot.

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The taproot is where all the roots that will grow from the plant will emerge. Later, this root will grow stronger and sturdier but in the meantime, it can break if you touch it. To plant your seedlings in soil or coco coir, place the seedlings in the middle of the medium and fill the hole with soil once you are done. Water your newly transplanted seedling until water comes out of the hole of the container. Place your seedlings under 18/6 or 20/4 light/dark to help it grow strong leaves and stems. Maintain this lighting schedule daily for a week or two to ensure good health and better yields come harvest time.

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