What Growers Love About Indoor Cannabis Plants

indoor cannabis plants

Cannabis use is on the rise as many states and countries are now legalizing its use and cultivation. In line with the spiking demand for marijuana, a lot of users now grow their own cannabis at home by purchasing seeds and cultivating them on their own. And, most often than not, these growers prefer indoor cannabis plants.

As you might have already suspected, there are indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. While they still belong to the same species of marijuana, they tend to belong to different strains. These strain types, as well as the plants’ own genetic makeup, are what determines whether they are best suited for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

What are outdoor strains?

Outdoor strains are cannabis plants that are better suited for outdoor cultivation than they are for indoor systems due to their genetic makeup and history. Most of these outdoor strains are landraces themselves or are direct descendants of landrace strains.

Landrace strains are cannabis plants that are native to a certain type of area or environment and have been growing in the wild of thousands of years already. These strains are the descendants of most of the modern strains we see today though they still exist as seeds in the market.

What makes landrace strains suitable for outdoor cultivation is the fact that they were able to thrive naturally in the wild from day one. Because of how well they have survived for millennia, landrace strains can withstand harsh weather conditions, pests, diseases, and other harmful factors that are common in outdoor environments.

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Most landrace strains are Sativa in nature and are native to tropical areas such as Asia, South Africa, and South America. There are also landrace strains that are found near the Hindu Kush mountain range. Such strains are Indica in nature and are able to survive in extremely cold weather conditions. Some of the more popular types of landrace strains are Afghani, Malawi, Durban Poison, and Thai.

What are indoor cannabis plants?

Indoor cannabis plants are types of strains that are better suited for indoor cultivation. This is because these types of strains were genetically modified to be fit only for indoor growing. Nevertheless, popular author and expert in cannabis cultivation Jorge Cervantes does not mind DNA sequencing in cannabis

These strains of marijuana are genetically wired to be able to grow only in indoor environments because they can only thrive well under the right climate. In that sense, only indoor systems can provide the right climate conditions that would bring out the best in a cannabis plant and for it to yield a maximum harvest after it flowers.

That said, indoor cannabis plants require you to have an indoor climate system so that you can control the conditions that a certain type of strain needs. Not all strain types thrive well under the same climate. Because of that fact, you should also do your research well and know what types of climate your chosen indoor strain prefers so that you will be able to properly address its needs.

Some of the best indoor cannabis strains are Skunk #1, Big Wreck, Strawberry Haze, and Northern Lights.

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What makes indoor cannabis plants lovable?

Cannabis connoisseurs love indoor cannabis plants mainly because of their quality. When growing cannabis indoors, the plants tend to be of uniform quality as they are all grown under the same climate conditions. These conditions are also for the purpose of bringing out the best in the cannabis plant. In that sense, you will be assured of the quality of the marijuana bud when you grow them in indoor environments.

In line with that, indoor cannabis strains also have higher trichome content. This contributes to the overall aroma and flavor profile of the bud. Indoor cannabis also tends to be more potent than outdoor ones. Because of the higher potency and the better flavor profile, indoor marijuana strains are more delightful for the more discriminating groups of users that want their buds to be strong and flavorful.

For growers, indoor marijuana plants might be more expensive to cultivate because they require an indoor climate control system. However, these plants have qualities that more than makeup for their expensive overhead costs.

First of all, indoor cannabis plants tend to be smaller and more compact than outdoor strains. This means that you can cultivate more of them as they only require a minimal amount of space to thrive.

Second, the fact that they are grown indoors means that your operation will be as subtle and as discreet as possible. You don’t want your neighbors snooping around and asking questions about your plants especially if you want to remain as secretive as possible for various reasons.

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And third, growers love indoor cannabis plants because they are grown in a safe and controlled environment that is free from external or outside forces that could harm or damage them. In a sense, growers can keep them as safe as possible while controlling the climate instead of being slaves to the weather and the adverse conditions of the outside environment.

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