Things you Need in Growing Feminized Weed Seeds

what is a feminized weed seed

Marijuana can be grown in two different sources: a seed or a clone. Cannabis seeds carry the DNA of its two parents. Growers and breeders will plant a lot of seeds and when these seeds produce strain they will choose the best plant. The cultivators will clone that chosen strain and will continue to the mass planting to get the best kind of plant. But basically home growers always choose to obtain seeds then clones. Because growing from seeds can build stronger genetics for the marijuana plants. What is a feminized weed seed?

If you’re living in Canada you might want to grow cannabis seeds, now that it is legal in the country. Even in the winter weather in Canada, it can be no match in your cannabis indoor growing. You will need a lot of important equipment to grow your cannabis seeds indoors. But DIY equipment is much cheaper than purchasing equipment for your indoor cannabis growing or for your indoor garden.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

In the past decades using medical marijuana is conventional, but it changed by the time of the millennia, it is now used for a lot of diseases. But they still see a lot of negative effects of using marijuana than it’s positive effects in healing. For example, it can help for radiation therapy to fight cancer. Medical marijuana can also be used to some serious health conditions such as Autoimmune Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Epilepsy, Migraine, and Asthma. Also, a lot of countries are using marijuana as medical and recreational purposes.

What is a feminized weed seed?

With the special hormone treatment also known as gibberellic-acid, the female marijuana seeds plants are created with the use of feminized seeds. With these hormones, the female’s plants are forced to produce cannabis plants with male genetics. It is unlikely to generate seeds that are 100% female once it’s fertilized. Surely that this crop produced from feminized seeds with THC content. 

A broad variation of feminized seeds strains exist and each one if has its own characteristics in connections to resistance to both mild and cold weather. Every different species have its own smell and taste, it is more likely to appreciate each with the series of seeds.

Where Does Feminized Weed Seeds Come From?

Cannabis plants have developed to survive in diverse conditions.  To live in this survival; cannabis plants have adjusted to becomes female or male marijuana. Furthermore, marijuana plants now have the ability to produce both genetics of female and male marijuana flowers.

Feminized seeds are the result of growing female marijuana plants to produce pollen. After that, they used it as a fertilizer to a female marijuana plant.  You can only get female flowers when you fertilized the female marijuana plants with female pollen.

Only a few growers know about this because the whole process takes a lot of trial and error for it to be perfect and used.

Are Feminized Weed Seeds Hermaphroditic?

Cannabis plants have the ability to produce flowers of both female and male plants. This only happens when the plant adapts the stress of the environment one of it the temperature dropping and the sudden cold weather. As everyone knows the feminized seeds are created when the female plants are put under a stressful environment. They also can produce male marijuana flowers and used as a fertilizer for female marijuana plants. The only problem is that these seeds carry hermaphroditic which results in low-quality yields. This is the reason why these plants still have the chance to bare male flowers. 

Although a lot of things have changed, there are now methods that can produce pure feminized seeds with just pure female plants. This allows the growers to reproduced hermaphroditic traits with the pollen of pure female plants that fertilize. 

With a lot of seeds to choose from be sure to get the perfect female plants for your garden. Purchase the best marijuana strain for your own.

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