What is the Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana Strains?

female medical marijuana strains

Female Medical marijuana strains are living things capable of reproduction like typical humans do. In other words, there are two genders under medical weed. They could be male for female. It is important that you know which of your medical cannabis are male and female to avoid pollination, thus ruining the capability and the THC content of your female medical cannabis strains.

When can you identify the difference?

You can tell the difference between your medical cannabis in as early as the fourth and sixth weeks of the vegetative period of their growing life. However, many growers get panic as they become confused about the early signs that can tell their difference. Worry no more as you can still identify them more accurately as they enter the 2nd week of their flowering stage.

What are the indications of male medical cannabis?

The basic identification of the difference between the genders of medical marijuana is their sex organs. Male medical cannabis tends to grow ball-like structures that appear to be their organs. They look like small balls. Male plants are relatively taller than the female medical marijuana. They also have a lesser number of leaves and buds as they grow. Male medical marijuana is thrown out by the growers after identification to avoid contamination of their female medical cannabis. Pollination occurs when pollen from the males get into the females. The potency and the high of the latter are reduced as they become pollinated.

What are the indications of female medical marijuana?

Female medical Marijuana is kept by the growers as they are likely to have more THC levels than those of the male ones. They have the effect of keeping you stoned and high, unlike the males who just give you a headache. Female medical weeds have small balls to but two white hairs come out forming a letter V. Upon seeing this, male medical marijuana is taken out of the room to prevent the pollination to occur. Females are also shorter than males but they have more leaves and buds despite their size. Female medical marijuana is better than males because their potency is much demanded. Male medical cannabis is only kept by growers who are intending to breed other female medical marijuana strains in the future. You just be mindful of the identification of their genders as female medical cannabis tend to show their white hair at a later time.

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