What You Need To Know About Terpenes and Marijuana

terpenes and marijuana

Terpenes are aromatic compounds present in many plants, but they are generally associated with cannabis because they comprise high concentrations of cannabis plants. The distinctive fragrance of many plants, such as hemp and pine, as well as fresh orange peel, is produced by these aromatic compounds. A mixture of terpenes is responsible for the scent of most plants. These terpenes defend the plants against grazing animals or contagious bacteria and viruses in nature. Therefore stick with us until the end of this article so that you will learn about terpenes and marijuana.

The Differences Between Terpenes and Marijuana

Terpenes could also be present in bugs and insects, with its occuring scent, the ultimate goal of such hydrocarbons was to disperse the presence of insects and other herbivores which might eat the plants. The name terpenoids is often used by certain individuals. Terpenes and terpenoids, however, are not the same. If they’re in a living plant, terpenes are the natural element of these compounds. For example, in the production process of cannabis, when the plant dies and cures, the terpenes corrode and eventually become terpenoids. 

Marijuana (cannabis) is a plant, which is sometimes known as Mary Jane in english term. It is a psychoactive compound or drug that comes from cannabis plants generally used for recreational and medical purposes. Its scientific name is cannabis sativa and its component can help treat various conditions like chronic pain. Marijuana can be mind-altering but it depends on the potency of the certain strain as it also depends on the ingredients used by growers and manufacturers. Mostly recreational users consume or use this as they aim to ease the feeling of anxiety, stress, and even soothe relaxation. But when it comes to medical use, marijuana can help treat or cure those patients suffering from nausea, patients with chronic illnesses and some cancer related conditions. 

How Do Terpenes Affect the Human Body?

Terpenes do much more than add taste and aroma. In the production of desired effects, they also support other marijuana molecules. This is called the effect of the entourage or ensemble, and it is the reason why these aromatic compounds became such a vital field of research for cannabis. Whether we consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal use, we all go to marijuana for the same thing – the effect. Depending about which composition is appropriate in a particular variety and how a person reacts to it, terpenes and cannabinoids can either exaggerate or suppress one another’s impact. Increasing scientific studies show that terpenes play a significant role not only in quenching the intoxicating effects of THC, but also in establishing synergies with and even growing the therapeutic benefit of phytocannabinoids.

Prominent Terpenes Found in Cannabis

While marijuana has been found to contain lots of different terpenes, only a small group of them seem to be sufficiently present. These along with their scents, vapor pressure, and possible health benefits, are the 5 most popular terpenes in cannabis.

  • Myrcene

Myrcene is one of the two most common terpenes in marijuana. It bears the earthy signature scent contained in most marijuana plants. Myrcene could be an efficient anti-inflammatory, similar to several other cannabis compounds. A 2015 study of cell culture models showed that myrcene could be beneficial in osteoarthritis treatment. Myrcene could relieve pain as well.

  • Caryophyllene

Another dominant terpene found in marijuana is called caryophyllene. It has a 266 degrees Fahrenheit boiling point, or 130 degrees Celsius. Caryophyllene can be found in cloves, hops and usually in rosemary. It contains the scent of herbs strongly associated with these plants. Caryophyllene is also efficient anti-inflammatory and pain soothing properties like myrcene.

  • Pinene

Pinene is one of the terpenes which is most frequently expressed in all of nature. Pinene is also known for the pine scent of many marijuana cultivars, most commonly found in pine trees and other conifers. Pinene also has anti-inflammatory effects which can help protect against ulcers and increase the flow of oxygen to the lungs.

  • Terpinolene 

Has an earthy herbal citrus scent and it is widely found in plants recognized for delightful scents, such as lilacs, conifers, rosemary, and apples. Researchers have highlighted terpinolene as a prospective antioxidant and have shown that it has sedative properties. Terpinolene may sooner or later be used to reduce cancer-related cell growth.

  • Linalool

Linalool can be an effective treatment for several skin problems such as pimples and acnes.Moreover, Linalool can help in terms of potentially decreasing inflammation and inflammatory discomfort similar as most other terpenes have, linalool has an array of unique beneficial effects. It has been reported that it prevents the development of bacterial infections outside of the human body, especially as they are caused by yeast infection. It has sedative properties and anticonvulsant as well.

Mentioned above are the prominent terpenes that can be found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Some might be wondering if these terpenes can get you high, well the answer is no. Terpenes does not make users high unlike other marijuana strains. Instead, it can give users medicinal and other beneficial health benefits. As far as we know, there’s no psychoactive effects reported yet by the users.

Types of Marijuana

Marijuana is classified into 3 types: sativa, indica and hybrid marijuana. Each of these types of marijuana can give you distinct and unique effects to your individual health. 

  • Sativa 

Sativa plants are noticeably distinctive from others because of their tall and slender physical appearance. Sativa is a form of cannabis strain known to be cognitive and energizing; it has an uplifting impact on people. This strain produces  THC in greater quantities than cannabinoids, causing greater euphoria and cerebral effects than Indica strains. In addition, for socializing and daytime use, sativa strains are best. When you do things that enable you to exert extra strength and typically in social gatherings, this is very ideal to use. This also boosts your stamina, elevates your mood, and gives you euphoric feeling.

  • Indica

This strain appears to contain more cannabinoids than the Sativa strain, that’s why there are more relaxing effects. Indica strains are suitable for activities in the nighttime. Plants of Indica are smaller and denser than sativa plants. This is a type of strain of cannabis that is deemed to be soothing and relaxing. If you’re doing tasks which do not demand your physical energy, this strain is ideal to use. Indica has been well recognized for its anti – spasmodic elements to treat seizures, muscle contractions that are involuntary, and chronic autoimmune disease. These results are why a number of infections, diseases, and illness are treated with Indica based medications. Indica strains can help the body relax, elevate the mood, boost the appetite, and induce sleepiness. In addition, this strain is ideal for people with common diseases or illnesses such as inflammation, PTSD, sleep apnea, and other related conditions. 

  • Hybrid

Hybrid plants are created by cross – breeding between strains of Sativa and Indica. These medications take on the traits of their parent plants, so they can be either sativa or indica dominant. The special properties of hybrid strains help patients to receive far more specialized and efficient treatment. Hybrid strains are characterized by their ability to generate a distinctive sativa and Indica impact balance. Vary based on their unique strain source, they may be calming and energizing.


All of those information above can be very helpful for those who want to know the benefits and effects they can get from terpenes as well as in marijuana. We hope that we have provided much information you needed in this article. And make sure to understand deeply what these things can provide in your own benefits, it may be in your medical or personal use.

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