When do Female Cannabis Flower?

female cannabis flower

The female cannabis flower age is generally the most awaited part of all growers because they are now closer to the harvesting period. Once their flowers start to come out, however, you should also be careful about their genders.

What are the indications female cannabis flower has begun?

At the end of the vegetative stage where the female medical weed fully takes its shape, the starting of sprouting out of buds will then take place. This happens at varied times depending if you are growing indoors or outdoors. Flowering actually is dependent on the amount of light and darkness which your females receive. It depends on their strains. Most of the time, the females are grown indoors because they are well-loved by their growers and they want to control every single condition needed for growing. There are some strains which start to flower in 12/12 cycle of light but there are really certain medical pot which has a different threshold to achieve before they can start to flower. You need to pass that threshold before you can see the female cannabis flower to begin. Some strains do not flower until you have met their standards.

An indication which tells you that the flowering stage has begun for your female medical pot is when the buds and leaves start to form more. Females have higher yields which place them on the flowering stage where they yield really a lot. As soon as they start to flower, their pistils become even more visible reflecting changes in color as they start to mature. At this stage, they should be isolated from the males. You should really put your males out of the room to avoid pollination because, at this stage, the males grow taller than the females where they can easily drop off their pollens on females. If you do not intend to breed a new medical cannabis strain, then forget about your males. 

When can you harvest female medical marijuana?

As they mature on their flowering stage, the female medical pot is now ready for harvest. You will know it as soon as you see the resins starting to fall off or really burst out their scents where you can smell them even from afar. Maturity of your females is evident when their buds become more slender with white-like substances hanging around the buds which are known as the THC.

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