Where Do You Get Marijuana Seeds?

where do you get marijuana seeds

It is clear that cannabis seeds are an important part of the marijuana industry. They are in greater demand than ever, with a lot of cultivators and growers around the world. As a result, there has arisen a network of online and physical retailers to meet both legal and black-market needs. And a lot of growers are wondering “Where do you get marijuana seeds?”

Although increased demand and legalization alter the company of crops. With growing competition and further legalization efforts, how will the cannabis seed industry evolve?

Where Can I Purchase Marijuana Seeds?

Digital seed banks are spread across the world, in countries like Canada, Spain, Holland, and the UK. Within these nations, buying cannabis seeds is fairly easy, since the laws are relatively mild. But when it comes to the U.S., things get really complicated.

There are 33 US states at the time of writing plus Washington D.C. Legalized marijuana either for recreational purposes or medicinally. On the federal level, however, marijuana remains illegal. Any duty on States to follow federal marijuana laws. Yet they are impotent in stopping federal law enforcement from enforcing their laws.

When you live in the United States and attempt to purchase marijuana seeds from an overseas country online, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection may confiscate the product. However, it’s doubtful you’ll face any legal difficulties. When you seize your box, several reputable seed banks will give you one more as a substitute.

Transporting cannabis seeds across State lines is also illegal. That would be the case even though you are traveling only in states where cannabis is legal. A Washington state resident could potentially get into trouble buying cannabis seeds from a California company. Now, the seedbanks are mindful of the risks. They usually take care to ensure they deliver your seeds safely.

There is also a potentially fascinating way of operating without breaking the rule. For certain cases, purchasing cannabis seeds for other uses than cultivating marijuana is legal. For eg, you can buy seeds for use as bird food or fishing bait at some locations technically! In general, however, these seeds are sterilized to ensure they can not germinate.

Are Marijuana Seeds Expensive?

Just one word, ‘yes’! Paying up to $12 per seed is common, meaning a pack of ten would cost you at least far beyond $100. Conversely, for a few bucks, you can buy thousands of potato seeds.

Regardless of prohibition, if you’re a cannabis breeder who operates in the dark, it takes a long time to generate a high-quality seed line. And there is the slight issue of legal consequences if you are caught breeding and marijuana production. For example, ‘manufacturing’ marijuana in the ‘First Degree’ is a felony in Alabama and carries a prison term of 10 years and life!

Clearly the reason why cannabis seeds are so costly is easy to see! Unfortunately, the marijuana seed market is uncontrolled, meaning you don’t always get what you’re paying for. You could easily invest $15 per seed, and end up with goods of poor quality. And in this case, you’ll just ask yourself “where can I get cannabis seeds?” that is good quality and worth with your money. 

When you buy cannabis seeds successfully the cultivation process is exciting. This also needs a lot of information, however.

Who Sells Marijuana Seeds?

Anyone can sell seeds of marijuana but not all sellers are legal. Global drug laws do not exclusively control cannabis plants, as they have a number of applications — pet food, oil production, textile product — and that certain countries are more restrictive on their imports than others.

Unlike the selling of growing machinery cannabis seeds are parallel but not completely isolated from the cannabis industry. This makes it impossible t monitor or even research the market.

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds Seller:

There are three main components to this sector according to one research paper released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, mainly:

  1. Seed Bank Companies: Seed generating seed businesses. Due to their lenient rules, the rest is based on the Netherlands or Spain. According to research from the UN, there are about 122 large scale seed companies in Europe.
  2. Breeders: The breeder cross-breeds to create new strains. They can work for seed companies, or do their own experiments.
  3. Resellers: There are far more resellers than any one of the two groups above. Resellers also sell goods from a number of companies and may operate in a legal grey area, shopping for cannabis on the black market

The policy on marijuana remains hazy. An increasing number of companies are patenting marijuana technology, seeds, and the hottest cannabis products today. Yet it remains to be seen how such patents can be followed, and where they can be followed within the US.

The 3 main types of Marijuana Seeds:

There is a great variety inside the seeds of cannabis. In particular, these can be classified into three key types: 

Regular: These plants contain both male and female species, meaning half of the species won’t bloom. This kind needs more light to start blooming.

Autoflower: Once the plant reaches maturity, autoflowering seeds begin to bloom. 

Feminized: seeds that produce only the floral part of the cannabis plant, i.e. the female part. 

Apart from the seed form, seeds are genetically diverse. That means breeders have evolved them into different strains that can create a wide variety of results. The real meaning of cannabis seeds lies here.

Why Marijuana Genetics Matters?

Anybody who has ever used marijuana in any of its types recognizes that strain is essential. This stretches beyond sativa vs. indica. To generate a range of effects and serve functions that go far beyond taste, strains may be bred. For instance:

  • High-CBD hemp seeds are perfect for the manufacture of powerful cannabis oil. 
  • Strains for pain relief and other medicinal reasons can be bred. 
  • Plants can be genetically modified to produce shorter, higher yields. 
  • Specific hemp varieties produce better, longer-lasting hemp.

Not only is the opportunity to develop products with a distinctive terpene flavor profile a fantastic way to appeal to customers, but with medical and economic benefits, the correct genetics can yield dramatically different results. And the further the medicinal and recreational markets expand, the more demanding customers become for their marijuana products and the more competition there is when a cannabis dispensary or another form of business is established.

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