Where to Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

buy feminized cannabis seeds

Marijuana seeds can be purchased either by walk-in shops or by shopping online. Either one provides many benefits-the the most important ones being ease and accessibility. It also entails the possibility of buying substandard seeds, however, mainly since there is no sure way to distinguish feminized from non-feminized ones. This is why it is important to use only credible sources that are difficult in having top-quality seeds. Know where to buy feminized cannabis seeds.

Crop King Seeds is a perfect example of a reputable seed store that sells only the best quality cannabis seeds. As these grains come from healthy mothers with the best features, it is ensured that the offspring are healthy females with superior genetics. Provided that our professional breeders guarantee that the process of feminization is done correctly and clinically, Crop King Seeds guarantees that perhaps the seeds have almost no possibility of becoming hermits.

Crop King Seeds offers customers with the widest possible option-we know there’s a strain out there for this marijuana customer-so we ‘re dedicated to making your purchasing experience so treatment is as painless as possible. If what you want today is to buy marijuana seeds and get to grow, we will do that for you!

How to Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online?

In many ways buying seed online is the easiest way to buy marijuana seeds. Online shopping makes it easy to study and learn about the different strains that you can create. Many online retailers have more options than small brick-and-mortar stores.

At the very same time, there are certain possible drawbacks to purchasing seed via an online retailer. For just one, some marijuana-legal areas also prohibit the purchasing and shipment of seeds across national or state boundaries. There are also reliability problems. If you want to purchase a seed bank online, take some time to study the product. Assure that their clients are respectable and in good standing.

How to Choose the Best Feminized Seeds to Grow?

If you want to buy feminized cannabis seeds, but you can’t choose because there’s a lot of cannabis varieties that are good. Here are some tricks you might need on choosing you feminized cannabis seeds. 

  • THC or CBD

Marijuana has THC and CBD content. And the higher THC content level gives more psychoactive effects to the users. Although marijuana with high CBD is more like to have a relaxing effect on the body while the mind stays clear. 

  • Taste or Flavor

The marijuana strain has a different kind of taste and flavor, and the growers need to choose what kind of flavor do they like; such as chocolate, woody, earthy, or citrus. 

  • Effect

If the growers want to have a calming, cheerful, creative, or euphoric effect. Although the effects of marijuana depend on the person to person, generally there are differences between other strain and the feminized seed strains. 

Popular Feminized Seeds at Crop King Seeds

  • Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Durban Poison Feminized is the descendant of the Original Durban and its name comes from the origin in Durdan, South Africa. The Durban Poison Feminized has a high psychedelic effect that comes from its parent which they are known for. Although it is not surprising to another consumer, given its high THC content which can reach up to 20%. 

This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors environments, and its buds are always heavy and fat covered in a thick layer of shining trichomes. You don’t need to smoke this Durban Poison Feminized for you to get excited, because the looks of this strain can make you more excited and drool over. This strain yields up to 350 grams when grown outdoors and 550 grams when grown indoors.

Aside from its psychedelic effects, you can also expect a euphoric high when you some this strain. Also, this strain can boost your creativity and energy. It is great when you need to have a productive day and if you need to be creative and think for a new concept on a project you are working on, and there is no burnout after the effects.

This strain is perfect if you want to have a euphoric effect or feeling persuade by the strains that are sativa-dominant, and as the Durban Poison Feminized is a 60% sativa dominant. 

  • Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Black Indica feminized originally come from Spain and the offspring of the two strongest and the most potent marijuana strains that are well-known today: the Adghana and the Pure Kush. with its short flowering stage of 8 weeks, the Black indica can give a quite high yield. It can produce 200 grams when grown outdoors and 400 grams when grown indoors. 

This plant is not difficult to take care of and easy to grow a plant. Growers can also expect large yields with this plant if it is grown in good condition. 

This strain has an average amount of THC content (12.94%) and a high CBD content that reaches up to 2.5%. Having a  domesticated indica effect, this kind of strain you smoke when you wanted to feel relax while can still have interactions and socializing with friends. There are also no couch-locking and psychedelic effects. 

Medical cannabis patients usually turn to  Black Indica to fight insomnia and reduce from the mild body pain because of its high CBD level content. This strain is good when you are having a mild aching feeling and give a nice smooth effect.

  • Blue Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Blue Cookies Feminized seeds are the offspring of the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, also got their names from both parents. The Blue Cookies Feminized parents are well-known because of their smell and taste. In the cannabis industry, other strains are tastier if they are combined with marijuana varieties. When you combined blueberry with Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll get its amazing flavor.

Blue Cookies feminized also gives a pleasant aroma, both sweet and fruity. This strain has a delightfully sweet and smooth flavor. You can also taste a berry flavor which makes this strain best-tasting marijuana that you could every taste. 

Not only that this strain tastes and smells good, but it is also packed with THC content reaching up to 20.29% high. This indica-dominant strain can effect quickly, begins with a buzzing high head which makes the users by surprise.  You will then start to intense physical high. When both mental and physical high combines, you will feel relaxed and happy at the same time. After the effects take off a bit, you will then feel a liberation as you will start to feel the euphoric high. 


There are many ways if you want to buy feminized cannabis seeds, it just like purchasing something else associated with marijuana. Except where marijuana is legal, seeds are commonly considered to be marijuana products the same as plants, edibles, oils, and everything else that comes from the cannabis plant. For this reason, you should also be very cautious about the legal status of marijuana seeds in your country. Finding and purchasing high-quality seeds can be easier today than ever before, but you’re going to want to take the time to study your choices before making the final order.

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