Where to Find Marijuana Seeds?

where to find marijuana seeds

Many growers are asking “Where to Find Marijuana Seeds?”. A lot of famous seed banks are overseas, mostly in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and other countries where marijuana law is less tight. Seed Banks gives seeds from a different kind of breeders. 

In-state with medical cannabis program and adult-use legalization, you can purchase seeds within your own state, it is either at a specific marijuana seeds company’s website or a dispensary. 

Where to find marijuana seeds: Choosing a Cannabis Seed Bank 

A lot of growers are wondering if you can purchase marijuana seeds online? Absolutely yes! There are a lot of reliable and trustworthy marijuana seed banks that are found online. In the past recent years, a lot of new Canadian Seed Banks have reached the market after Canada legalized the cultivation and growing marijuana

If you are planning on purchasing marijuana seeds the first thing you do is to look for a reliable seed bank where you purchase seeds with trust and confidence. A marijuana seed bank where you can have germination and delivery guarantee, where to purchase the best marijuana seeds, and where the customer service goes beyond. The Crop King Seeds is the best marijuana seed bank is the perfect choice for the growers where to find marijuana seeds.

Searching Marijuana Seeds Online

Before you buy marijuana seeds online, you need to think about what kind of strain you want to breed and grow. The US federal law still forbids cannabis, thought it might be hard to find information on breeders and seed banks. The experienced and have positive reputation breeders know a good place to start.  

You can also do some searching online and look for an online growing journal that gives the whole details on the growing process of a specific marijuana strain from certain breeders. 

Shopping at the dispensary

However, this option is only accessible to those people who are living in states with adult-use and medical legalization, purchasing cannabis seeds on a dispensary is much more straightforward. However, the options are only limited.

The staff in the Dispensary should give a lot of information on the cannabis seeds they are selling, but always note that a lot of dispensaries only focus on selling end products and flowers. And it is a good step to call ahead of time and talk to the staff to know if they have the knowledge about the marijuana seeds and can give you a lot and specific information on growing. 

Identifying Quality Genetics Marijuana Strains

Growers always talk about the “unstable genetics,” which means the origin of the seeds is unknown. Always make sure that when you purchase a pack of seeds or the breeder who creates them can make a list where the seeds came from and how they were bred or backcrossed to have the seeds that you have in your hands. If you don’t know the history of the seed then you might get a poor result if breeding practices or just anything. 

The expert breeders might have crossed the female and the male one time and sold out the end product of the breeding as a new hybrid marijuana strain, but the professional breeders typically put their marijuana strain through several rounds of backcrossing to uphold the genetics and secure consistent marijuana plants that inherit those genetics. 

Difference Between Regular, Feminized, and Autoflower Seeds

  • Regular seeds

If you purchase a packet of regular seeds, they will come with a combination of females and males seeds. Many growers usually prefer these seeds because they haven’t done backcrossed as much as the autoflowers and feminized seeds. You will need to sex out the marijuana seeds once their reproductive organs will appear while in the flowering stage and get rid of the males because they don’t produce buds and will only pollinate female marijuana, with a product of seeded flowers.

  • Feminized seeds

Marijuana seeds can be feminized, which means you can put them in soil and they will just start to grow buds. These seeds can assure to be producing the only female buds and growing them trim out the step on having the sec out marijuana plant and then get rid of the male plants. 

It also lessens the risk of having a drift make sneak into your marijuana crop, a single male can pollinate a massive crop, making your female marijuana to focus on their energy on creating seeds instead of buds.

  • Autoflower seeds

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds begin growing to flower on their own around 2-4 weeks of germination. Classic types, which dominate both Indica and Sativa, are photo periodical crops. Hence, they are usually exposed to Twelve hours of sunlight to trigger indoor blooming but will not have enough time to complete outdoors until the days become shorter – except autoflowering varieties.

These are Indica or Sativa plants crossbred with a representative of Ruderalis, making them the ideal choice for areas where the summer with several hours of daylight is very short. Ruderalis naturally ends flowering in much less than 6 weeks. With time, autoflowering cannabis plants can alter from the vegetative phase to the time of flowering, without altering the light process. They are fast develop-to-harvest time and can harvest with 2 to 3 months in a short time, but the self-flowering seeds are ideal for people who would like to grow marijuana but don’t have much time to take care of it.

Are all Seeds Going to Grow?

When you are growing any amount of marijuana seeds, some of them won’t germinate, even if you got them from a reputable and trusted breeder. Always count on the dew dying off and not germinating, or just roughly 1/4 of the amount you put in the ground.

When you’re regular seeds, some will be discarded and some won’t germinate because they will turn out to be male plants. With the feminized seeds, some won’t sprout but a high percentage of then will result in flowering plants because there won’t be any male plants.


This guide on where to find marijuana seeds that are very affordable and the best quality marijuana seeds might be a big help to you. Choosing the most reputable seed bank might be hard but it’s still fun doing this because you might get to know a lot of seed banks all over the world or just near you.

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